Swipe Aims To Be The ‘Messiah Of The Masses’

by CXOtoday News Desk    Oct 25, 2016

Swipe Aims To Be The Messiah Of The Masses

India is one of the largest smartphone markets in the world and also a highly saturated one. It becomes inevitable to smartphone makers to come up with constant innovative strategies to stay afloat. Pune-based Swipe Technologies believes in striking the right chord with the masses with its affordable range of smartphone devices. In an exclusive interaction with CXOToday, Shripal Gandhi, CEO and Founder of Swipe Technologies talks about his journey in founding the company and what makes Swipe a unique smartphone and tablet vendor in the country.

A post graduate in chemical engineering with 11 patents in nanotechnology to his name ends up setting up Swipe Technologies? The journey must have been interesting. Could you tell us something more?

One of the main reasons of Swipe coming into being was to give an answer to the question, “Can we build an affordable apple for India with top-class quality and affordable pricing?” So, after I completed my masters’, I had been fortunate to work with some of the most innovative technology firms. While studying and working in the USA, I had a strong aspiration to empower India as a world leader in touch screen technologies and revolutionary telecom products. This made me move back to India.

In India, I joined Beyond Tech as a Vice President for Sales, Marketing and Business Development in 2009. And finally in 2012, I founded my dream project, Swipe Technologies. Today, Swipe has firmly established itself as an innovative pacesetter with a vision to empower India to become one of the top 10 nations in the world in terms of the availability of new tablet technologies, innovative solutions through R&D support and strategic vision. We follow the key mantra of providing affordable cutting-edge computing-cum-communications devices to the mass market.

The Indian smartphone markets is already crowded. How did Swipe emerge as a force to reckon despite the odds?

We believe in effective marketing. We have differentiated ourselves from other home-grown smartphone brands with strong visibility by rigorous marketing and a range of new cutting-edge mobile products. Swipe has built an innovative unconventional approach to product development by reducing design-cycle time to just 45 days, which is the best in the country and a huge advantage for us. By having one of the fastest design cycles in the world, Swipe has reduced its time-to-market to less than half of that than other.  Hence, Swipe customers are one of the firsts to get access to the latest global technologies. We have a wide portfolio of products which fulfils the wants of every customer segment. Our strong commitment to quality and focus on superior customer services are also the key differentiators. We lay a lot of emphasis on overall user experience for interactive products like smartphones. Our products offer enhanced user experience with their superior software customization capabilities. All this help us to grow stronger day by day.

From launching India’s first 3D tablet to India’s first exclusively co-branded Swipe MTV Vot, the company has churned out a number of unique yet affordable devices. What is the plan in general?

Swipe believes in offering best technologies at disrupted prices. However, it will be very soon to call Swipe as the Tech Messiah of the masses. Swipe has many ‘India’s first’ to be associated with it after launching the largest portfolio of tablet pcs in India. Known for its innovation and technology, Swipe has established a clear cut product leadership in Indian market with India’s first 3D tablet, 6” phablet, and 5.5” phablet with fingerprint sensor, India’s first Tab-Top with in-built 3G and many more. By ensuring availability of the latest technology at the most affordable prices, Swipe has ensured that the cost is not a hindrance for mobile device users.

The e-Asha Program in association with UNICEF has help technology penetrate to the rural pockets of India. What was Swipe’s contribution towards the program?

Swipe Technologies is also very keen towards its social commitment in association with UNICEF in Rajasthan. Swipe had provided customized Swipe tablets to its customers. The main objective behind it is to educate the rural women of Rajasthan on how to reduce the infant mortality.

Swipe has a large portfolio of youth centric tablets in the country. How responsive have the youth been in accepting and adapting to the products and services offered to them?

Youth is the most responsive mass of the country. They adopt the market change very easily so it’s easy to get a feedback from them about the product as well as the services.

To usher in “fastest” reform within the youth, Swipe had partnered with none other than MTV and launched series of products viz. MTV Volt 1000, MTV Slate, MTV Slash & MTV Slash 4x which helped swipe to get better responses from them and that’s how swipe has become the largest portfolio of youth centric tablets in the country.

How does your clients leverage from the enterprise solutions offered to them?

Swipe offers a wide range of enterprise solution to leading business namely TransAsia, largest In-vitro Diagnostic Company and Bangalore based start up Taxi for sure and few other. For example Bangalore based Taxi for Sure and Swipe Technologies get associated with a mission to make taxi rides convenient, reliable and punctual, Taxi for Sure. The cab service was put in a place where a software that can accurately relay critical data back to their headquarters, which is then used to match the customer with the most convenient taxi possible. Taxi for Sure and Swipe joined hands as network partners. By putting an infrastructure in place and with the help of a customized Android app installed on Swipe smartphones that are handed over to the drivers, Taxi for Sure streamlines their customer experience by tracking the location of taxis, ensuring punctuality, fare calculation, and much more.

What can we look forward from Swipe in the near future?

Our future plans are to expand our product portfolio with some exciting and revolutionary products and widen our presence. Additionally, we would roll out VAS and devices for a more detailed TG, Tie-Up with telecom operators / service providers and venture into enterprise business.

Swipe has partnered with Indus OS, and how is this going to change the face of Indian tech innovations?

Since Indus Os is a concept which will help the mass to communicate easily and more comfortably, our inception is to strive in order to consistently change the way of consumer experience and interaction with digital devices. The market urgently requires concrete steps to be undertaken to address the burgeoning need of regional language users. Indus is an operating system that supports 12 regional languages. By getting Indus OS, the aim is to provide the means to utilize technological capabilities in native languages. This Indian tech innovation is going to help the market to reach every corner of the country.