Sybase releases IQ 15.3, improves architectural flexibility

by CXOtoday Staff    Nov 29, 2010

sapSybase, an SAP company (NYSE: SAP) and an enterprise and mobile software provider, recently released IQ 15.3 to beta customers. Sybase IQ 15.3 introduces the PlexQ distributed query platform, a massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture that is expected to accelerate complex queries by distributing work to many computers in a grid configuration.

“Most competitors’ shared-nothing MPP systems execute queries serially without adequate load balancing. The Sybase IQ 15.3 PlexQ distributed query platform is an innovative MPP architecture that accelerates highly complex queries by allowing a query to be distributed across all nodes in the IQ PlexQ environment for increased performance levels while maintaining simplicity of deployment and administration,” commented Joydeep Das, director, analytics product management, Sybase.

Using an MPP shared-everything architecture, this platform surpasses typical shared-nothing MPP architectures with better concurrency, self service ad-hoc queries, and independent scale out of compute and storage resources. With this architecture, PlexQ can exceed service level agreements (SLAs) through simple and flexible resource provisioning that allows nodes to be grouped together as unified images that can be assigned to different application profiles.

According to the company, the solution enables users to harness the power of multiple compute resources in an IQ PlexQ environment to simultaneously solve even the most demanding queries. It also endows system managers to scale out IQ PlexQ nodes with any popular hardware as user data and query complexities increase. It also allows system managers to quickly and easily group subsets of compute resources as logical entities to respond to changing user requirements.