Sybase To Build New Base In India With Pune Center

by Ankush Sohoni    Sep 15, 2004

Sybase Software India inaugurated its India development center in Magarpatta city, Pune yesterday. The ceremony was preceded by a briefing by company officials about the future of India as Sybase’s official software development hub, and the company’s deviation into mobile data management.

Speaking to CXOtoday, Raj Nathan, Senior VP Information Technology Solutions group, Sybase, said, “Intellectual Property (IP) is very important to us. It is IP that drives innovation, and it is one of Sybase’s biggest focal points.”

“One of the main reasons for setting up a development center in Pune was to drive the creation of IP. India has so much IT talent, that it would be unfair for us not to realize this fact and tap these resources that are available to us,” said Nathan.

Agreeing with Nathan was Kiran Karnik, President of NASSCOM. “IT is definitely going to be part of India’s future. Post March 31st the IT industry was and is India’s largest exporter, and hence this makes it a very crucial industry,” explained Karnik.

On a similar note, Karnik added, “Product development is definitely going to contribute to growth. The kind of growth that we are talking about here is not linear but non-linear. What is unique about India is the high level of expertise available and the sheer magnitude of talent present here. We are not only going to compete on costs but also on the level, quality, depth and quality of talent.”

“IT systems being used solely for the purpose of automation is legacy now. IT should be used for business growth. Systems must focus on business agility. Our goal is capturing data, managing it, enriching it and delivering it,” said Nathan.

Nathan continued, “India is not going to remain an outsourcing destination for special coding operations. In the near future, India is going to churn out independent products for Sybase. This development center of equal standing as compared to some of Sybase’s other development centers around the world. Independent product development in Pune will begin by 2005”

“We would like to build an ecosystem for new systems companies. Close associations with premiere educational institutions will help us do this. One of the main reasons for Sybase choosing Pune for its development center was the easy access to numerous educational institutions around a 150 mile radius,” he added.

The development center will also increase customer’s confidence in Sybase. As Nathan said “ When you integrate a technical center and support regionally, it builds greater confidence in customers.”

The company already has its eyes focused on management of unstructured data and feels that it is a strong proposition worth pursuing in the future.