Symantec Enhances Features In New Lineup

by Amit Tripathi    Oct 07, 2004

At a time when the proverbial ‘zero-day-effect’ is fast approaching, Symantec, the antivirus major, has launched a bevy of solutions for data protection and data security from threats like spyware, spam, Internet worms, and online phishing scams.

Speaking to CXOtoday, Norman Kohlberger, regional product manager-APAC, consumer products division, Symantec said, “The new features have been incorporated taking into account the trends in various aspects such as vulnerability, malicious code, and Phising.”

Elucidating further he stressed, “The vulnerabilities faced by the IT systems have now reached an alarming rate of 7 per day. Moreover, the time lag between identification of a vulnerability and its actual exploitation, termed as ’zero-day-effect’, is fast approaching zero, suggested by the fact that in 2003 the time lag was on an average 4 months which now stands at 5 days.”

Among Symantec’s new offerings is the Norton Internet Security 2005, which provides automatic protection against blended threats like Sasser and Blaster with new Internet worm protection technology. Meanwhile, Norton Personal Firewall 2005 and Norton AntiSpam 2005 has enhanced features for defense against fraud and certain types of phishing scams. Says Kohlberger, “The Internet worm protection technology performs at two levels namely, the inbound port blocking and use of IDS signature to block unwanted access.”

The Norton Internet Security 2005 integrates these three products, and incorporates parental controls, a web content filtering solution, along with a new outbreak alert feature. Norton AntiSpam 2005 integrates with the latest versions of Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Eudora, and now Yahoo Web email, by automatically creating a spam folder and using it to collect all email identified as spam. Norton AntiSpam 2005 spam from Hotmail and MSN Mail when messages are retrieved through Microsoft Outlook.

While individually, Norton AntiVirus 2005 is available at Rs. 2255 per PC, Norton Personal Firewall 2005 at Rs. 2525 per PC, and Norton AntiSpam 2005 at Rs. 2160 per PC, the integrated Norton Internet Security 2005 solution (with all these three) is priced at Rs. 3618 per PC with one live update.

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