Symantec MSS Offers Intrusion Prevention Systems

by CXOtoday Staff    Mar 16, 2005

Symantec recently announced the expansion of Symantec Managed Security Services (MSS) to support Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS). The new monitored and managed IPS service includes support for the largest list of network-based IPS technologies available, including ISS, Juniper Networks, Tipping Point, McAfee and Cisco, as well as Symantec Network Security 7100 Series appliances.

Symantec Monitored and Managed IPS Service offers enterprise customers a variety of supported modes for blocking attacks, including in line passive mode for customers still testing IPS devices in their environment, in line industry best practice blocking mode for those customers who want their IPS devices configured according to industry best practices guidelines for in-line IPS blocking, block all mode for customers who want the maximum protection afforded by their IPS technologies, and many more.

The modes are designed to offer enterprise customers a variety of choices for using IPS technologies and give customers the ability to change their IPS configurations as required.

“In addition to comprehensive intrusion detection, our customers are beginning to take the next step and implement intrusion prevention systems for proactive protection,” said Grant Geyer, vice president, Symantec MSS.

“As the enterprise security landscape continues to evolve, prevention has become an important part of the threat mitigation landscape,” said Paul Proctor, vice president with META Group. “IPS can be very complicated to configure appropriately so good intelligence is a key component of effective intrusion control and risk management.”

As part of the new service, Symantec MSS has also updated the Global Emerging Threat Notification program to include support for IPS technologies. Customers will now have the option of choosing to have emergency rollouts of supported device signatures done in passive (monitor) or active (block) modes to ensure a timely response to critical emerging threats.

In addition, Symantec continues to offer a tiered service level approach, which allows customers to make smart decisions about their security posture based on their risk management objectives.