Symantec to Target Retail and Healthcare Sector

by Abhinna Shreshtha    Jul 16, 2008

Symantec has outlined the plan for its data protection and business continuity product portfolio. The information security provider wants to tap verticals like media, healthcare, retail, and entertainment.

Anand Naik, director (system engineering) of Symantec said, “Industries in these verticals generate a lot of data, and hence require a business continuity and data protection mechanism. We will tap this market in the coming years.”

“We will develop specialized architecture and blue prints to target industry specific pain points. The technology will be the same, but the architecture of the solution will vary depending upon the vertical,” he said.

Symantec is looking at opening up some of its services to third party integrators. With this objective, the company announced the Symantec Collaboration Architecture one and a half month back. This initiative was started to increase compatibility with different IT applications and services through an open interface.

The company also sees a lot of potential in virtualization technology. Creating a business continuity plan for virtual machines will garner additional interest in the industry in the coming months, it said.

Naik said that solutions and services like these would propel the future growth of the company.

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