Symantec's Email Security For Small Business

by CXOtoday Staff    Jan 24, 2006

Symantec Corp. has announced Symantec Mail Security 8220, to help small businesses secure their organization from spam and email-based malicious code while ensuring their email remains an effective tool for collaboration and communication.

With this new appliance Symantec becomes the first security vendor to provide small businesses with three types of mail security deployment options — an appliance, software and hosted service. Based on company needs, small businesses can choose the option that works best for them.

Mail Security 8220 addresses the security needs of small businesses by protecting their local in-house email server from spam, viruses and other malicious code. In addition to consolidating antispam and antivirus protection, it includes an email firewall, traffic shaping, content filtering, and content compliance capabilities in a single appliance.

The appliance features multilayered antispam technology that maximizes detection rates without impacting legitimate messages. Symantec antivirus technology provides real-time scanning for inbound and outbound messages, automated updates, and flexible policies for handling messages containing viruses.

Rick Caccia, Sr. Director, product management, messaging and web security solutions, Symantec Corp said, “Small businesses need strong, proven, and affordable solutions that offer enterprise-class protection, like Symantec’s mail security products. Regardless of which deployment option they choose, Symantec provides small businesses with the flexibility they need, in terms of capital expenditure and manageability, and the protection they require to keep their business running smoothly.”