Symantec's Latest In Security

by Rajendra Chaudhary    Oct 26, 2005

Symantec, the security specialist has released Symantec Backup Exec 10d for Windows Severs software and also announced the availability of Symantec LiveState Recovery Suite 6.0 for both Windows servers and desktops.

The product release was a part of Symantec’s annual VISION Mumbai event for IT professionals form across India.

The Symantec Backup Exec 10d, which includes Backup Exec Continuous Protection Server, eliminates backup Windows and delivers a web-based end user file retrieval functionality and offers a disk-to-disk-to-tape data protection solution.

“Downtime can strike at any time and in various forms - malicious threats, viruses and worms or natural disasters. The important point is that the data is preserved,” said Vishal Dhupar, Managing Director, sales, Symantec India.

“Backup Exec 10d ensures reliable, continuous disk-based backup while introducing new secure self-service data recovery leveraging Backup Exec Retrieve, the new web-based file recovery tool available with 10d. Administrators can breathe a little easier knowing backup Exec 10d eliminates the backup window and allows them quickly restore data using a standard web browser,” he added.

The Symantec LiveState Recovery Suite 6.0 is said to provide rapid Windows system recovery to complement Symantec Backup Exec 10d. It combines the disk-based, bare metal system recovery with technologies for performing dissimilar hardware restoration, virtual conversion and lights-out operations.

One of the features of the LiveState Recovery Suite 6.0, called Restore Anyware Option allows IT administers to recover any Windows server or desktop to any other Windows server or desktop, independent of hardware configuration.

Also the LiveState Recovery LightsOut Restore Option, which by using integrated pcAnywhere technology and industry lights-out standards, ensures restoration of unattended servers (including blade servers) from remote locations and devices.

Eka Hartono, Senior Manager, product marketing said “LiveState Recovery 6.0 combines the industry’s first volume-based hardware independent restoration technology with virtual tools and remote, lights-out technology to create a significant advancement in Windows system and disaster recovery.”

Along with several other activities, in a presentation, Robert Pregnell, Product Marketing Manager, secure content management, APAC, Symantec, expressed his views on understanding the risks and protection of sensitive information from spyware and adware.

He stressed on how spyware could even lead to Browser hijacking and replication of sensitive information through backdoors installed by third parties which can lead to serious security breaches.

In an exclusive to CXOtoday Robert Pregnell said, “Threats such as spyware and adware must be taken seriously and customers need to be educated about the risks involved. The cost of spyware for the enterprises can affect business processes adversely and hence Symantec, being one of the leaders in security constantly strives to create a more aware customer base.”

Symantec also announced the Backup Exec 10d for Small Business Servers and Backup Exec 9.2 for NetWare in order to serve small business and NetWare environments.

Symantec Backup Exec 10d and the Backup Exec Continuous Protection Server are now generally available. The Symantec LiveState Recovery Adavanced Server Suite 6.0 includes LiveState Recovery Advanced Server, Restore Anyware Option, LightsOut Restore Option, LiveState Recovery Manger and pcAnywhere for LiveState.