Syndicate Bank Deploys e-Circular

by Rajendra Chaudhary    Sep 29, 2006

In an effort to replace its conventional paper based system of disseminating circulars and other sensitive information, Syndicate Bank is deploying Laser Soft Infosystem’s e-Circular software across all its office and branch locations.

e-Circular is an intranet based software solution that will allow Syndicate Bank to cut down its paper and stationary related expenses such as printing, dispatch, storage etc by facilitating instant delivery of circulars and other operating guidelines in an electronic form from the bank’s head office to all branches, over its Intranet.

In order to communicate regulatory directives or organizational information, large banks often issue directives and circulars to their regional offices and branches. To facilitate this they tend to use huge amount of stationary and incur substantial monetary expenses. Sometimes the figure can run into crores of rupees annually.

“e-Circular has been developed to tackle these very issues and cut down bank’s spending considerably. Using e-Circular, banks can not only lessen dispatch/ courier costs but also utilize time in a more efficient manner. Additionally, Bank’s head office can receive feedback from end recipients of circulars and create a well-defined workflow for creation and publishing of documents,” said B. Suresh Kamath, MD, Laser Soft.

e-Circular also features a special keyword based search mechanism, which can be used to run a comprehensive search of any document/ circular from the past.

“The product has a centralized and n-tier architecture. It’s a browser-based product running on a RDBMS and can handle very huge volumes of documents and online user connections,” informed Kamath.

The USP of the product is that it does not require any additional IT set up and works seamlessly with bank’s already existing Intranet.

e-Circular has already been implemented at several major public sector banks including State Bank of India, Corporation Bank, and United Bank of India.