Synposys India Centre Develops Lynx Design System

by Manu Sharma    Mar 25, 2009

Though chip manufacturing in India is still a fledgling industry, Synopsys,  a semiconductor design software and intellectual property (IP) company, attributes a significant share of its Lynx Design System development done out of India.

The company, which has two design centres based out of Bangalore and Hyderabad, announced the availability of Lynx, an automated environment for implementing chips in India. The company has also got major customers like Wipro, ARM and Octicon for this tool.

Talking to CXOtoday, Jai Durgam, senior director, global technical services of Synopsys (India) EDA Software, said, Even though I can t quantify the exact percentage of work done in India, it s very significant right from configurable FRS, tape out checks, graphic user interface (GUI) and also testing, which forms a major part of the tool, are all done here at the R&D centres.
Synopsys India has a team of 650 engineers based out of Bangalore and Hyderabad who are experts in logic design and chip design tool applications and responsible for Lynx development. The other major development of Lynx was done at San Jose in USA.

Designed for scalable use in design organizations of all sizes, the Lynx Design System combines a production-proven RTL-to-GDSII design flow with productivity-enhancing features to accelerate chip development while mitigating the risks of designing at new process nodes. Lynx s open architecture is optimized for rapid, out-of-the-box deployment with Synopsys Galaxy Design Platform and is inherently configurable to readily incorporate third-party technology.

Since Lynx encapsulates the collective experience of Synopsys and its foundry and third-party IP partners through pre-established flows, recommended tool settings and pre-validated technology data, the Lynx Design System can be set up and fully operational for design teams within a week, the company said.
In addition, Lynx embeds multiple methodologies for efficient handling at low power, said Durgam. Lynx enables production flow from 180nm to 32nm, its management cockpit enables transparency at entry level, and web-based access to key design metrics, he said.

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