Sys Admin Tool From SCO

by CXOtoday Staff    Aug 11, 2006

The SCO Group Inc, a leading provider of UNIX software technology and mobile services has developed HipCheck, a mobile service that lets system administrations monitor their servers (UNIX and Windows) and desktop clients, including those with upcoming Windows Vista.

The solution lets system administrators set and track specific system parameters and thresholds for various server and desktop functions, using a Windows Mobile smart phone or Windows PC, and also provide alerts through SMS or email.

The solution functions by tapping into a backend server technology called the EdgeClick Mobility Server, which acts as a search engine, imparting key information to the sys admins’ smart handheld devices.

“The HipCheck service uses a callout architecture that alerts users of triggering events. This is an extensible framework that can be used to manage various business processes, applications and systems health management,” informed Sandy Gupta, CTO & GM - platforms division, SCO.

SCO is promoting HipCheck as being an ideal solution for remotely managing decentralized server systems without any local system administrator staff.

Currently in beta testing stage, the solution is expected to be available towards the end of the year as a subscription service.