Systinet Unveils Policy Manager 2.0

by CXOtoday Staff    Jun 21, 2006

Mercury’s Systinet division, which provides software for service oriented architecture (SOA) governance and lifecycle management has recently announced a new version of Systinet Policy Manager.

The Policy Manager 2.0 application is designed to assist customers better centralize policy management of SOA business services by simplifying the process of policy creation, management and compliance in an SOA.

SOA policies are essentially a set of guidelines for enforcing proper behavior and operation of SOA-based services. As these policies that govern different services keep evolving and changing over time, it is required that the correct version of the policy is applied to the corresponding service at the appropriate time.

Based on Systinet 2 SOA governance platform, Systinet Policy Manager provides a system-of-record for managing and reusing policies, associating policies with business services, providing design time enforcement, and alerting run time management tools for operational enforcement.

The new Systinet Policy Manager 2.0 is said to allow organizations to express low-level, complex technical policies in lucid business terms and test services for conformance to policy sets with functionalities such as test automation, failure analysis and diagnostics for correcting substandard service.

The Systinet Policy Manager 2.0 changes the manual, paper-based guidelines and rules into electronic SOA policies, which can easily be shared, updated and reused.

According to Roman Stanek, VP - products, Systinet, “SOA policies must be managed as much as the business services they control. Without a repeatable, automated approach to managing these policies, companies run the risk of chaos and not complying with the corporate and regulatory rules or guidelines that the policies are meant to enforce.”