Tagove Boosts Collaboration With Live Video Chat

by CXOtoday News Desk    Mar 14, 2017


To stay competitive in an increasingly global and virtual environment, businesses need to adopt new technologies that make employees more productive, enhance customer experience, cut costs, and improve the bottom line. Live chat software solutions that allows companies to have real-time conversations with website visitors is turning out to be an effective tools in this regard for improving customer service and boost sales. With the help of live chat tools, it is now possible to devise strategies to approach the customer at the right time and with the right information, increasing the probability of a sale conversion.

While there are a number of companies in the market offering Live chat solutions to the enterprise, Tagove has claimed to have changed the dynamics by introducing its Live chat software with unique features like co-browsing, screen sharing, and instant file sharing. In the words of its co-founder and Head of Marketing, Sawaram Suthar, “It features a complete chat software suite, allowing companies to drive their customer experience.”

Tagove uses technologies like WebRTC and Flash, which makes their live video assistance software versatile enough for running on each popular browser and platforms. Also, the built-in features of this video chat software are its USP.

“Let’s say, you want to give a demo to client about your product or service, just want to troubleshoot their system problem, or guide or teach particular process, the co-browsing can be the perfect and useful option. The most important is that, you don’t need to download any third party software, installation or plugins. It works WebRTC technology directly in browsers,” explained Suthar.

He offers the example of the Life Insurance Companies that need in which an agent needs to guide customer to fill up registration or policy forms. “Earlier it was very tough because they have to visit client’s site to give a demo and complete form, but now with the help of co-browsing they can do this without leaving office,” he said.

Sawaram believes visual engagement is the future of communication. “With advancement of digitalization, everyone out there wants visual and real-time experience. Live chat and video calling are great to make real-time communication better, as customers are given a more personalized response and care,” said he, adding that today’s customers need a deeper and more personalized service from brands, so video chat can prove to be very efficient and quick in this aspect. 

This platform is effective especially in the banking, education, healthcare, and retail industries where providing exceptional customer experience is the key to business success. They can also increase conversion rates, and help to generate leads.

Sawaram points out another interesting aspect of Tagove is that it also features a Customer Relationship Management [CRM] component, offering a fully-stacked CRM tool. With this, managing the leads originated from the chat and other sources is easy and seamless, being done without the need for third-party software.

Tagove’s software is already being used by several companies, some of which are huge players in their markets – Citibank and Hyundai are good examples. ”We worked with Citi bank, providing them with a smart ‘visual communication’ which was dedicated to VIP customers. CITI bank later integrated this live video chat attribute of Tagove’s with their VIP customer accounts and witnessed a fresh rhythm in their customer query solving techniques.” 

For companies having iOS and/or Android apps, it is possible to add Tagove’s functionality to them, as the service offers SDKs for both operating systems. Also Tagove has its own apps, available for iOSAndroidWindows and soon for Mac, other than the web app. It also offers an API, which can be used in the creation of new projects, he summed up.