Talisma Offers Telcos Solution to Tackle MNP

by CXOtoday Staff    Aug 10, 2009

Talisma Corp has joined hands with telecom software company Ushacomm to provide a solution to telecom operators that will help them retain their existing subscribers even in highly competitive scenarios.

The solution called TIB-X (Telco in a box) is a combination of billing system (business support system), customer relationship management system and business intelligence system, said Ushacomm marketing head Tamal Bardhan.

While customer relationship major Talisma is providing the CRM software, Ushacomm will provide the other two.

"The TIB-X will help the operators profitably launch and sell new offerings to their existing customers and help launch campaigns specifically targeted at particular subscribers," said Saugata Banerjee, executive director, Ushacomm.

"The telecom operators are already facing tremendous challenges in retaining their customers. In the present scenario, the service providers are very keen to hold on to their existing subscribers because of high cost of acquiring new ones or due to the imminent implementation of mobile number portability (MNP)," Banerjee said.

MNP which will allow subscribers switch to new users without changing their number is expected to be implemented by the year-end. Analysts expect to see a lot of churn in the telecom market post the implementation of MNP as more and more unsatisfied customers may leave their existing service providers to migrate to a new one, while keeping their old mobile numbers.