Tally launches ERP 9 v2.0, introduces SMEs to the cloud

by Abhinna Shreshtha    Aug 23, 2010

Tally ERP 9 release 2.0With release 2.0 of its ERP solution, Tally leverages the Internet to introduce SME’s to features like remote access, the capability to gain access to data using SMSs, and an online recruitment portal.

The SMS feature allows users to access data stored on Tally ERP 9.0 by sending a SMS to 5667792. Tally has tied with carriers like Vodafone and Airtel to provide this service. The business head of the company can allocate access rights depending on the needs of the person. So, an HR head can be given access rights for only payroll-related data, while a business manger can have access to both financial & product data. The SMS service provides access to data like ledger balance, sales, HR, manufacturing, inventory, etc.

Another new feature in release 2.0 is the jobs and recruitment portal. Companies can post their requirements and search for relevant CVs from ERP 9 itself. Students can also avail of this service for an annual subscription of Rs. 450. “The service is not limited to software or finance. Today, Tally touches every facet of an organization, so people from different fields can use the recruitment portal,” said Avinash Gupta, president of Tally Solutions.

The new features make use of Tally.NET, available to Tally ERP 9 customers on an annual subscription model. “With most of our customers in the SME space, a good broadband connection tends to be a problem, Tally.NET acts as a facilitator between the client and his server. This is an optional service for clients who have problems with their communication network,” said Rajnish Saini, senior manager (product management & delivery) of Tally Solutions.

Tally currently has a user base of 500,000 user companies, with about half using Tally ERP. Tally plans to concentrate on the Indian market for another year, before moving to other developing markets. “We are looking to expand our presence in markets like Southeast Asia, the Gulf countries, and Africa,” said Gupta. “We do have a presence there, but it’s more of a passive market, i.e. a few partners who go to market with out products independently. But, maybe in another year or so, this will change. In fact, we are already working on an Arabic version of Tally ERP 9.”

Tally’s ERP product has been in the market since 2009 and it now seems that the company is looking to evolve the product. Though, Tally has a number of high-profile names in its clientele, it’s mainly known as a product for smaller organizations. With release 2.0, Tally has dabbled with concepts like cloud computing and business networking and this could just be an indication that it’s preparing to tap larger organizations, and compete with global heavyweights like Oracle and SAP.