Tally Partners With AVAANA For RFID

by Neelu Lekhi    Sep 22, 2006

Tally has announced that it has signed a MOU with AVAANA, an innovation and integration services company focused on the RFID market, to make Tally products RFID enabled.

With this alliance, Tally is exploring a proof of concept whereby they will be working with AVAANA to see the feasibility of RFID for their products. Tally found AVAANA advanced in RFID, so they allied with them to explore the possibility of integrating their solutions with RFID.

RFID solutions enables retailers to track, tot up and trace goods at any place in the supply chain system from manufacturing till sales. The retailer can locate products precisely, guarantee that the right product is there for sale, reduce surplus inventory and in so doing, cut down on costs.

The technology from AVAANA will equip products with distinctive tag identifiers, ensuring authenticity, precision, security and storage of large amounts of information. There are devices to combine RFID reading, writing and barcode scanning, and also for tag programming, item counting, locating and verification.

At the outset, AVAANA will be providing the RFID enablement for the TallyShoper Retail POS (Point-Of-Sale) product, and on the basis of the outcome, other products of Tally will follow suit.

Shoper POS suite of retail solutions is meant to manage retail operations such as retail outlet and wholesale/ distribution, catering to billing, inventory management, merchandising, pricing, barcode generation & printing, stock transfer, taxation and customer relationship management aspects of a business. Retailers can keep an eye on every aspect of the business and its operations in real time, thus achieve better productivity, intelligibility and end results.

Madura Garments, a retail customer of Tally, which is already using the Shoper POS solution, was closely watching AVAANA, and was interested in the RFID enabled POS solution.

Ravindran PV, VP - R&D, Tally Solutions said, “The RFID enabled POS Shoper solution has already been developed for Madura Garments, for their store at the mall ‘Planet Fashion’, and will start the trial run in a couple of days time. The merchandise will be RFID enabled, instead of barcoding.”

Under this alliance, Tally is developing an ERP solution, which they plan to enable next.