Tata BP Solar Goes Wireless

by Julia Fernandes    Sep 01, 2004

In a bid to provide mobility to its laptop users, Tata BP Solar India Ltd, engaged in providing renewable energy solutions, has recently completed a small initiative in this direction.

Speaking to CXOtoday, Vijaya Baskar, manager- information technology, Tata BP Solar, said, “We have recently installed six WAPs (Wireless Access Points) across the boardrooms and conference rooms within our company. The WAPs, which belong to Linksys, use the latest 802.11g protocol.”

Speaking about advantages vis-à-vis cost, Baskar stated, “The flexibility and mobility that it provides to our laptop users is undoubtedly the key benefit. And this advantage far outweighs the investment made.”

Each WLAN access point must be assigned an SSID (Service Set ID) and WLAN clients use the SSID when they associate with the access point. But since most access points broadcast their SSID, how did they address this issue?

Answers Baskar, “In the wireless solution installed at our end, there exists a feature that allows us to disable the broadcasting. By doing this even if an external user with a Wi-Fi laptop enters our premises, he will not even be aware that there exists a wireless network.”

According to Baskar, there were plans to further deploy wireless solutions. But due to nagging connectivity problems that have been encountered especially with its Windows XP desktops, they are now in the process of evaluating and considering wireless solutions from other vendors.

Tata BP Solar is the only Indian solar company that exports, solar cells, modules, solar power systems and solar hot-water collectors. A joint venture between Tata Power and BP Solar, the company besides manufacturing, also designs, engineers and installs solar power products and systems, catering to domestic and industrial needs.