"Tech innovation is key to our success"

by Tabrez Khan    May 23, 2008

Yours being an e-commerce company, technology must be an important factor. Where and how does it figure in your business?

Technology plays a key role. We have automated almost all our internal processes and procedures. Technology innovation is one of the key factors of our success.

What are the applications you work with? Are these homegrown or sourced?

We have a strong technology team. Almost all of our applications are developed internally. However we also source standard products from the market on case to case basis.

What are your technology selection criteria?

As a company we use Open source platform to a great extent. But, we select the technology based on the following criteria; Stability, Scalability, Security and open standards.

In what way will the mobile interface add value to Internet businesses?

We provide SMS -based push, pull services through our SMS5050 website. Recently we have tied up with Nokia in offering matrimony services on all Nokia phones. We are working on more such initiatives in this space.

The last mile bandwidth limitations would be sorted out shortly with the 3G spectrum licenses. Then it’s a question of developing some innovative applications to provide information to the customer’s requirement. This would bring in much more penetration due to the wide acceptance of the mobile as a communication medium in India.

There’s a lot happening on the job portals front such as video resumes, telepresence interviews, etc. Is your portal working on any such innovations? Going forward how do you see technology affecting the recruitment industry?

We do have voice profile where by the customer can record and upload their profile. Our core team keeps working on improving our search to provide the relevance matches to the employers/consultants.

You are into diverse portals such as jobs, matrimony, real estate, classifieds, etc. How difficult has been designing these various sites and catering to their particular technology needs?

All our verticals are more or less similar in nature but meant for different segments. We have separate functional consultants to drive each of the above mentioned verticals. Based on the requirement, we arrive at the suitable technology platform. Since we have chosen right platform in the beginning, we are able to cope with the new requirements.

E-commerce giants like e-bay are resorting to openness and transparent coding so that potential partners can adapt or modify it, enabling more business. What are your thoughts on it?

All our applications are developed using open source platforms with open standards. However as per our current business model, we don’t require any interface with our partners.

There’s a lot happening on the Internet these days; microformats, blogging, social networking, etc. How do you see online advertising and e-commerce getting affected by it?

Our main source revenue is from our valuables customers. Our exposure to online advertising is limited. Social networking, blogging initiatives, etc. are indirectly going to bring in more users to the Internet which would be good for the overall industry.