Techies Design Software To Psychoanalyze Employees

by Hinesh Jethwani    May 28, 2004

When it comes to recruiting the right prospect, lengthy resumes and smooth talk can throw any employer off track. Although HR managers rely on their core training to point out the weak link, on many occasions they find themselves groping in the dark - as seasoned professionals easily get away with excellent theater acts in personal interviews. With businesses today banking on key decisions made by people, a detailed psychoanalysis of future decision makers has become a necessity of sorts.

Ganesh Natarajan’s (CEO of ZenSar) infamous quote summarizes the need perfectly: “The most critical decision that a CEO faces today, is whom should he appoint as a CIO.”

A Mumbai based company called Media IBC, unveiled earlier this week, its ingenious Artificial Intelligence (AI) software that can uncover hidden attributes lying deep inside the human mind. The solution is called the ’Validator,’ as it validates the employee’s potential based on a complete psycho profile.

Speaking to CXOtoday, Gautam Sinha, CEO, Media IBC, said, “Validator can be branded to the specific needs of different enterprises, and it will significantly enhance HR productivity. It is the result of a 6-year effort, spent in amalgamating a 500 GB database on the psychological aspects of HR related systems. The software is a human in itself, as its AI backbone is programmed to function on 139 human emotions built into its intelligence logic.”

Validator is completely enterprise enabled, and works with Visual Basic 6.0, which acts as a backend support and Dot Net and XML power the front end. The software is targeted at companies with high employee turnovers, burn outs and other common ailments, and it can be customized for smaller needs as well. It appraises the employee’s skill, usefulness, and mental capacity and also gives a detail profile on their state of mind.

Sinha explained, “Although similar solutions are available in the US, Validator tests employees on positive parameters, unlike its counterparts that can carry out only weak link detection. We have integrated a new module into the solution, called ’Game of Life’, which measures the exact equilibrium state of the human mind, based on the complex dynamics of the psychological framework of each individual. The software can effectively test even a group of people - like for example an entire panel or a Board of Directors - to find out a group equilibrium quotient. It effectively details how efficient any person or a group of persons in an organization can be.”

The Validator consists of three broad applications: A ’Recorder’ - to record questions and store details for uploading and downloading. A ’Validator’, which plays questions and records answers, and a ’Ratifier’, that plays answers, displays information and shortlists.

The ’Recorder’ will help enterprises to set specific parameters, upload audio / visual and text onto the Internet and generate a link which can be sent to the candidates in remote locations.

Validator is already in use at GTL Ltd., and Media IBC is planning to enter volume verticals like BPO’s, call centers, etc., as well. The company has also recently bagged its biggest deal so far, from the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG), which falls under the Home Ministry Govt. of India. Media IBC will try and incorporate similar principles in a new change management system at DARPG.

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