Telcos, BFSI, and M&I will Map IT Assets

by Abhinna Shreshtha    Jul 14, 2008

Virtusa, an IT services provider, has developed a new methodology for its IT assessment portfolio of services. Recently, Verizon Business utilized this service for IT assessment. Verizon developed a production software solution around this model. The model and prototype were developed using MS Excel, Access, and VP script.

Verizon says the solution will be targeted towards the medium and large organizations.

Verizon will initially approach their existing customers with the solutions, and will gradually expand to the others. Pricing will depend on each client’s specific requirement.

George Berelson, director (business consulting) at Virtusa said, “We will tailor an application portfolio scoring and analysis model for each client, and then, at their option, implement it for them. Each solution will be customized as per customer requirements.”

The solution can be used by any organization that has a large number of applications (at least 50). The basic model is a hierarchical scoring model, starting at the top with model dimensions, followed by strategic indicators, focus areas, metrics, and data points. Data points and metrics are collected in answer to specific questions, which have been structured and normalized on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is “poor performance” and 10 is “great performance”.

The solution does not require any specific IT infrastructure. “When we build it as custom software for a client, its IT organization defines the infrastructure and technology to be used, and learns to use the model; i.e., how to sort, filter, graph, and interpret results, etc.,” said Berelson.

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