Teradata unveils online social media platform

by CXOtoday Staff    Oct 08, 2010

website210Teradata (NYSE: TDC), data warehousing and enterprise analytics company, announced the launched a new online social media platform devoted to ‘the socialization of data’ - designed to serve as an epicenter for a new era of insight. The socialization of data and its integration from both traditional and non-traditional sources to present a more complete picture of an entity’s position in a global market, community or ecosystem, stated the company.

The socialization of data is all about the global convergence of human interaction and networked technology, creating a deep pool of critical new information that holds countless untapped opportunities.

“By exploring this new data frontier, we can become more innovative, better serve customers and communities, grow economically and reach our strategic business goals,” commented Darryl McDonald, evp, business development and marketing, Teradata.

According to Teradata, the website will contain expert view (original and exclusive content), the experiment (research lead by McDonald), idea exchange (forum to share ideas) and resources (articles, presentations, blogs, white papers and case studies).

“The goal is to bring social-media insights into everyday operations and the power of BI and enterprise analytics to social customer engagement. We’re talking comprehensive analytics — total enterprise awareness — for fully informed business decision making,” remarked Seth Grimes, analytics strategist with Washington DC based Alta Plana Corporation.

Sensor data also plays a key role in the new era of insight, and is often referred to as the internet of things. McKinsey & Company produced a report on this phenomenon, which includes a visual that represents ways to “put sensor data to work.”

A major driver of the expanding data universe is information from the social Web. Forrester (NASDAQ:FORR) VP-research director Reineke Reisma leads a consumer research team which produced a graphic representing the activities and the networks that make up the social web. The image illuminates areas contributing to the socialization of data and new era of insight.