Teradata Warehouse 8.2 Enhanced

by CXOtoday Staff    Sep 22, 2006

Teradata, a division of NCR Corporation, has announced the availability of TeradataR Warehouse 8.2.

TeradataR Warehouse 8.2 is a suite of software, hardware and consulting services, that builds on capabilities to infuse real-time intelligence into front-line operations, customer service and strategic planning supporting both strategic decision-making and thousands of daily operational tasks.

The technical enhancements built into Teradata Warehouse 8.2 expand its ability to deliver real-time intelligence, offer fast performance, a significant volume of concurrent queries, high-system availability, event monitoring, easy integration into the enterprise, simplified system management, and unparalleled support of short operational as well as long strategic workloads.

Scott Gnau, VP & GM - R&D, Teradata said, “In addition to supporting our strategic mission for delivery of real-time enterprise intelligence, Teradata has incorporated 44 enhancements and new features into Teradata Warehouse 8.2. We are committed to continue providing the most innovative data warehousing solution in the world.”

The new software incorporates key product refinements and enhancements that reduce the cost and effort for implementation and increase the predictability of the mixed workloads, both short-term operational and long-term strategic queries.

The company has also enhanced the flexibility of using join indexes along with database triggers to further improve query performance, which is especially important for time-sensitive front-line workloads.

To further enhance the ability of the company’s data warehouse, Teradata has adopted Microsoft.Net architecture with the release of the .Net Data Provider and has also released the 64-bit Open Data Base Connectivity driver. These data connectivity utilities create a bridge between Teradata and applications. In addition, Teradata has developed an interface for its data-loading utilities for Java Message Service, an industry standard enterprise messaging system, which expands the ability to access disparate data sources within or outside the enterprise.

The solution is available for sale now, but the installation will happen later this year. The key components of the software include the flagship Teradata Database V2R6.2, Teradata Tools and Utilities 8.2, and the NCR 5450 Server that was introduced in early 2006.