Text Vs Speech: The Best Messaging Platform for Enterprises


Going mobile is the buzzing trend to reach to the customers in the most effective manner. The digital and tech revolution in smartphone is making the world smaller, and the economy seems to have finally broken the secret to gaining a wider reach amongst the consumer segments. Whether it is achieving higher engagement on social campaigns or making special offers or features go viral, mobile marketing seems to be filling the missing piece of the puzzle.

Fundamental Messaging Platforms: SMS & Voice

The enterprises today are maintaining constant touch with the consumers making the engagement level reach a new dimension which is giving rise to a world with borderless communication. The companies are now looking for ways to explore mobile marketing, using the mobile as a medium for optimizing customer engagement. SMS and voice based messaging have been used since the beginning of mobile revolution to communicate with the customers, but with changing times these two medium are generating interest not only because of its ubiquitous reach but because of the new technology innovation that are being added to these platforms.

SMS Messaging Platform

SMS marketing serves a significant value to brands, looking for a greater mobile penetration. In fact, the same has been made mandatory by certain regulatory bodies, especially Reserve Bank of India, in order to ensure the safety of financial transactions. Enterprises are already using SMS marketing to full avail, be it the communication about promotional offers, messages confirming appointments, getting feedback etc.   

The ubiquity of the reach of SMS is an incredible opportunity, worth leveraging for any business or brand. Despite the smartphone revolution in the economy, feature phones are continued to be used extensively by the users, especially the ones hailing from tier II and III cities. While the reach of instant messaging, social media updates and emails are limited with respect to the availability of smartphone or internet enabled devices, text messages aren’t bridled by any such requisition.

In regards to the white paper released by Oxygen8, enterprises messages reaches out to 98% of the users, with 90% of the same being viewed and read within the first three minutes of receiving the same. The platform has further relevance when someone is looking for advanced personal branding or event marketing solutions. Enterprises can send out live updates via SMS, 2 hours before the event. If it is a weekend and the users are traveling in the hubs around, they are more likely to read and respond to a text than an e-mail or a social media update.

2. Voice Messaging Platform

Voice based messaging solutions are integral for enjoying engagement to the fullest between customers and businesses. However, a strong infrastructure is required to ensure optimum and faultless voice messaging solutions. To quote a few examples, instant self-service, getting OTPs on call, customer care or other agent based help are all examples of voice messaging platforms.

The solutions under voice messaging are based on automation, utilizing pre-recorded or live voice automation system. In order to extend personalized customer behavior, the system warrants highly secured and cost effective voice automation system.

Besides, voice gains prominence as the message can be crafted in the regional language offering better chance at penetrating the market segment.

The voice messages have been extensively used, especially in the political campaigns. The same validates the utility of voice while influencing people, explaining and conveying and idea, utilizing storytelling and other methods for better pitching.

Selecting the Winner

This is the decision that the marketer needs to take, while text messaging provides a better coverage and a deeper penetration, voice messaging is essential for advancing personalized customer care. 

Although voice solutions are better for consumer feedback and surveys, text messages can be used to carry the download link of your business app, or lead users to the website, by linking the same. SMS definitely has a longer shelf life. Hence, if you are sending in discount coupons or promotional offers, text messaging is the alternative to reckon. 

In the end, one cannot register the supremacy of one medium over another. Since each mobile messaging initiative is different, the choice of the platform exists, only to further stimulate the campaign. List down your top expectations from running and the campaign and zero down upon the platform on the basis of the same.