'The mid market is under-served and challenging'

by Jamsheed Gandhi    Feb 28, 2011

The growth of the SME segment is undoubtedly on the rise and service providers see a huge potential in this market. In an interview to CXOtoday, Raman Roy, father of Indian BPO and currently the chairman & MD, Quatrro explains how the mid-market in India is still under-served and how service providers are still learning to penetrate this market.

What markets does Quattro primarily serve?
We at Quattro are the only company to offer services to mid-market companies. We have just crossed the 10,000 customer mark and we are very excited about what the potential is and where we can take it. The mid market is totally under-served and it is also very challenging in terms of the go to market, customer acquisition, understanding the needs and implementing the model of Ford. Platform based services, we are the only company offering that as we see it as the need for the mid market.

We want to add on some acquisitions as it would help, some partnerships and that would be our focus for the next twelve months.We do not give geographic limitations, however, it is unlikely to be India for what we are trying to achieve.We are open to that, fortunately funding is available so even if it is larger, but our sweet spot would be 50 to 100 million.

How do you plan to raise funds?
There are various ways funding can be done. We are looking at multiple options. We do not think we are at a stage where we would list today, but that is some time away. I think the focus on the small and medium companies is growing but there is a distance to be covered.

How different is the mid-market compared to other segments?
The mid-market behaves differently, there is a lot of aspect of people who have previously tried product or service such as ours. And then the rapid adapters are very high, you may have tough time selling the first 10 customers in the segment but the next 200 come easily. And then to take to the next 1000 becomes a different kind of challenge because the price point and the need gaps come in to play so it is a very different cycle, it more of assembly kind of a cycle and I must say we are still learning.