Businesses See Gain In Marketing As A Service Model

by CXOtoday News Desk    Oct 28, 2016

Marketing automation

At a time when marketing automation software is becoming a welcome add-on to Customer Relationship Management or CRM systems, technology vendors are upping the ante, offering growing capabilities as a service.

This emerging segment, called Marketing as a Service (MaaS), is an extension of the marketing automation software in which vendors help the CMO and his team plan and manage marketing-intensive activities, as CRM research published a report by Karen D. Schwartz, who explained: “Marketing as a Service vendors help companies plan and manage marketing-intensive activities such landing page creation, campaigns design, nurture marketing, lead scoring, lead distribution and marketing analytics, capabilities that often overlooked in traditional Customer Relationship Management systems, and which tend to focus on sales force automation and customer service more than marketing.”

Marketing as a Service providers operate in the cloud or hosting the application, ensuring that it integrates well with the existing CRM system and providing other systems integration or consulting services as needed.

In a way, MaaS acts like the bridge between challenges of marketing campaigns, and delivering on an effective marketing campaign with tangible results to show for.

One such enterprise working in this space in India, is Leadbull. When it comes to lead generation and approach, Leadbull effectively puts it’s clients plans, spread across the B2B and B2C sector, on the accurate path to tangible results.

Abhishek Tripathi, CEO of Leadbull said, “Even after investing month after month on popular automated marketing software, companies simply did not have the domain expertise needed to make the most of the tool.” 

This in effect is actually the reason why marketing automation, despite its utilitarian benefits, has not borne it’s full fruits where it should. It remains all about what companies want to achieve, how they want to do so, and also having a clear cut road map or a set of reported data, as to how the marketing efforts were channelized, he said.

David Lewis, a pioneering innovator in digital marketing in the Silicon Valley sums up aptly in his blog, “Over the past decade, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has transformed how companies are buying and using software. Many functions in large enterprises are outsourced in the “as-a-Service” model to provide scalability, expertise, and performance – yet most marketing teams are still understaffed and overburdened. It is then that for more CMOs, the answer is “Marketing-as-a-Service.”

The model that enables you to hire only the most core roles for your internal team, and then outsource the functions for designing, building, and optimizing your marketing infrastructure and cranking out campaigns, is expected to gain greater momentum in the coming years.