The Need to Secure Content Effectively

by CXOtoday Staff    Nov 24, 2009

In today’s communication and transacting environment, individuals and organisations rely on the Internet for access and to store information, resources and pictures. While instant access to information over the Internet is critical, it introduces incredible risks to the network and data stored.

What threatens the security of our information and data?
New threats crop up almost everyday — we have heard of them referred to viruses, worms, Trojans, phishing attacks and spyware programs. They constantly wreak serious financial damage to organisations and individuals by causing computing and communicating systems to malfunction. This results in lost productivity, theft of passwords and other confidential information. The opportunity to connect to websites that contain objectionable or even illegal content can leave users vulnerable to legal liabilities and unwanted security risks. Additionally, the use of instant messaging (IM) and peer-to-peer (P2P) applications are a great cause for distraction which can result in tremendous losses in productivity.

Introducing a method to protect your data and content
Today comprehensive methods and solutions in technology are available to ensure the security and protection of your data. These solutions integrate real-time methods to prevent these intrusions and disruptions to ensure maximum possible network and data protection from today’s sophisticated Internet threats. While continuing to increase the individual’s productivity and ability to respond quickly, these protective solutions integrated into a larger networking and transacting environment optimise the potential to utilise and mitigate any legal liability. These unique solutions in technology integrate seamlessly behind any firewall, enabling administrators of any networking environment — corporate or personal — irrespective of size, to upgrade their security measures seamlessly with minimum disruption of service.

Ensuring the maximum possible protection for your networking environment
The key function of protective technologies in today’s networking ecosystems is to protect your network from a wide range of Internet threats, such as viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, e-mail-based fraud attempts and illicit or unproductive Web content. By deploying these protective solutions on your network you can enjoy the benefits of the most sophisticated protection available today, irrespective of being a part of an organization or an individual using the Internet for professional or personal activities. All incoming data is scanned in real-time to block threats before they can do any damage. The protective programme receives up-to-the-minute updates about the latest Internet security risks via a continuous, real-time connection to the technology provider’s dynamically updated database — so even the newest threats cannot get through. This ensures the protection of your data at all points in time. New threats and worms cannot intrude into your communication ecosystem

The ability to seamlessly integrate despite existing protective devices and firewalls
This protective appliance is usually compatible with any firewall and is easy to install and maintain. The system is kept up-to-date via automatic updates from the technology providers dynamically updated database. The content security management (CSM) appliances will inspect all incoming and outgoing network traffic almost immediately following its installation.

Uninterrupted network productivity with a high degree of content availability
When a CSM appliance is coupled with a secondary CSM appliance, your network remains protected even if the primary unit fails. In the unlikely event of such a failure, the backup unit automatically comes online and provides uninterrupted protection and connectivity. The CSM appliance helps ensure that there will never be a time when your network is left unprotected.

Every security device can be configured to suit the needs of individual groups and organisation and optimise the investment in communication and networking technology. It is now established that the necessity to protect your communication and transacting environment is highly essential in today’s ecosystem, be it at a personal level or at the level of a corporation, irrespective of reach and size.