The New Transparency

by CXOtoday Staff    Mar 28, 2011

new transperncyA new type of public intimacy exists in an era of the New Transparency, where the sharing of our identities online is said to be our most valuable social currency. But what is the backlash to expressing intimate details in a social forum? How does that shape or prohibit the control you have over your favorite brand: yourself? Read on for notes on authenticity, free expression, and the ability to “fail” in open communities.

“4chan, as a community, is misunderstood,” Christopher Poole, founder of the wildly popular and memeingful Web message board 4Chan, told the SXSW Keynote audience this weekend. The site is known for its unfiltered “waterfall” of user generated and curated content. If you’ve managed to escape this phenomenon – it’s been debated as an example of intense creative collaboration, providing a space for anonymous expression. On the flipside of that idea, the random board of the website is considered the “dark heart” of the Internet, harvesting some of the crudest, most uncensored mayhem the Internet has to offer.

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