There's Huge Opportunity In India Market To Win: Webscale CEO

by Moumita Deb Choudhury    Apr 06, 2017


Web has already transformed the way businesses are done and Silicon Valley based company, Webscale Networks, a cloud web application delivery and control provider, is setting new standards for the web facing businesses. 

The company took off in 2013 and marked its presence in India only one year later in 2014. Today,the customer count has reached 70, while 300 store fronts globally runs on its platform. Bengaluru houses its second largest office is a significant sales and support office. Besides having very ambitious plans for the India market, the company is spread across the US is now looking at Australia as a potential market.

In an exclusive interaction with CXOToday, Sonal Puri, Chief Executive Officer, Webscale Networks explained, “Webscale plans to invest heavily in the APAC e-commerce market and is bringing on cloud provider partners that want its technology stack to allow them to compete with the players in cloud services like AWS.”

“Web and only web is our focus, we do not support any other application. Be it http or html or others, as long as the application is web flavored that’s our interest,” said Puri.

The Indian enterprises are generating an all-time high demand for web applications to run their businesses and not just that, they want applications exactly cut out to address their niche requirements, nothing more nothing less works.

Unlike traditional business IT structure which was primarily confined to the four walls of datacenters and on-premise IT infrastructure, Webscale’s multi-cloud based applications, moves from the confines of datacenters to the cloud and its offerings are delivered as-a-service, wherein IT complexities are replaced by simple, cost-effective applications.

Three solutions are mainly sold by different vendors - CDN which sells application performance or web performance; ADC which sells web availability and load balancers; and security companies sell firewall. Customers find themselves looking for a solution for each of these aspects and if they are the business owners or application owners, they will not even know why they need application security till their site crashes, so we realized that customer journey is become difficult. We want to ease that journey by offering security, scalability, uptime, performance and availability- all in a single platform to be used in a plug and play way,” explained Puri.

Today several enterprises- large and mid-size are seeking cloud based IT infrastructure. This bring ease and better viability to the business.

Business Strategies:

Webscale designs different strategies for different customers. “India is a very interesting market, our strategy for the first few months as we get into the Indian market is to educate the customers” opined Puri.

From Puri’s perspective, it takes time to build relationship and a firm base for prolonged partnership. “With some of our customers, it takes years to build the relationship, we provide them constant information and help them solve their problems.”

The opportunity in India is massive, it is a market worth winning, she points out. She also added that the market is unpredictable. “It is a price-sensitive market and one cannot predict the days of closing as it is subjected to many changes happening every now and then due to political issues, health issues, riots, rallies etc. but I still love the Indian market as the opportunity is enormous and is a huge prospect.”

“India is an interesting market also because I find Indian customers, technologically advanced and is aware in many ways than many other countries,” she added.

Puri informs that the Webscale platform is extremely global and the company could soon be a billion-dollar company very soon, since the enterprise application is a 100 billion dollar market.

Webscale focuses on delivering enhanced user experiences for e-commerce customers in North America, APAC and Europe. With a new broader product line, enhanced security features, and new tools to expedite and simplify the deployment and ongoing management of new applications in the cloud, the company has now moved into the broader enterprise space.