“The Patni brand is much bigger than iGate, but on acquisition a new entity should be created,” states Jessie Paul, CEO, PaulWriter

by Jamsheed Gandhi    Dec 14, 2010

patniBringing fresh insights into the Patni Computer Systems acquisition story from a brand perspective, Jessie Paul, CEO of PaulWriter and an industry veteran who has managed brands such as Infosys, iGate and Wipro feels that once Patni is acquired, it would be in the best interest of both the parties to create a new company name and brand value.

Having herself worked at iGate Global Solutions as Head of Worldwide Marketing during the period 2003 to 2005, Paul believes that while the brand name of Patni is way bigger and has a much better recall than iGate, once acquired, a new identity should emerge from the alliance.

“The acquirers are looking at breaking into the top three ranking of Indian Technology companies with this deal and in the best interest of all a new brand identity should emerge from this. The legacy issues of Patni should be left behind and a new name, brand image and mission statement will revitalize all the concerned stakeholders,” comments Paul.

In-spite of what negative connotations Patni as a company has in the marketplace, it has a good delivery process in place and has been able to keep its customers happy.

As per market sources, Patni Computer Systems is being wooed by two suitors namely iGate Corporation taking on Apax Partners; and the Carlyle Group who has joined forces with Advent International on its side for this buyout.

As per information displayed on their respective websites, Patni Computer Systems has over 16,000 employees and revenues of over $650 million; while iGate Corporation has 8,000 employees and has recorded revenues of $230 million.