The Penguin Now Writes For Indian Express

by Neha Agrawal    Jul 30, 2005

Whether on paper or on pixels, information technology is surely the buzzword! Adhering to this, the Indian Express group, after almost a decade is undergoing a major revamp of its primitive legacy systems.

Speaking exclusively to CXOtoday, Tridib Bordoloi, head- information technology, The Indian Express Newspapers Ltd., said, “We are moving onto Open Source technology and are currently working on an integrated and upgraded approach of technology, with stresses on environmental growth and correct platform for both take off and future needs.”

“Although our existing systems had served well for a long time, a need was felt to move on to better IT infrastructure. This is critical to maximize our corporate competency and empower our enterprise business solutions. The workflow is also being re-engineered to ensure functionality and simultaneously upgrade the existing system,” affirmed Bordoloi.

Stressing the need for standardized IT environments, he added, “Uniformity, standardization and compatibility of operations have now been identified as key priority areas and a detailed roadmap has been designed to ensure that all our systems can easily and effectively communicate with each other.”

Reshaping the adhoc fashion of earlier technology Indian Express group is now implementing Red Hat Linux. “Microsoft products can be too resource hungry at times. Linux gives a much more stable, cost effective, scalable, futuristic and manageable solution than all else,” stressed Bordoloi.

Outlining the magnitude of the operations, he continued, “We are in the process of attuning each segment of all our branches. Whether it is for survival, competition or future growth, upgrades are all about focusing on consolidation of information rather than having isolated chunks of information.”

The group is all set to streamline all the departments of all its branches. Hooking on to some core areas it has devised a timeframe, which entails three months to each individual segment, and the process shall be refurbishing the enterprise within next twelve months to come. A fairly large team of engineers is geared up to take care of all routine activities and solve the intricacies behind.

The group is diligently entering into a partnership with multiple vendors. It plans to get its desktops and servers from IBM, while for voice solutions it’s looking at Tata Indicom, Reliance, and Airtel. For security solutions, the group is heading towards Trend Micro and he stresses that this shall not be a transactional relationship.

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