The Role Of Twitter In India's 2014 Elections

by CXOtoday News Desk    May 15, 2014

Twitter elections

In a nine-phase vote that spanned six weeks, with millions exercising their right to vote, what does a ‘Twitter Election’look like? A Twitter report recorded more than 56 million election-related Tweets from January 1 this year till May 12, when the polls ended.

Each of the poll days saw between 5.4 lakh and 8.2 lakh election-related Tweets, states the report. To put this in perspective, in the 2009 elections, there was just a single active politician with 6,000 Twitter followers.

In this Lok Sabha election, Twitter was extensively used by people to engage in and consume political content. Whether it was original content generated, engagement by political leaders, user engagement with content, news breaks, influence on political discourse or capacity to set media agenda.

Twitter’s data team analyzed the amazing impact the Indian Twitter user has had on this mammoth election. This is what millions of elections-related Tweets looked like, when time-lapsed for the whole election starting April 7 and ending on May 12!

Twitter report

These maps give you a fair idea of the conversation and interest levels around @AamAadmiParty’s @ArvindKejriwal, @BJP4India’s @NarendraModi, Rahul Gandhi and @INCIndia and what geographies saw the most conversation about them and when.

What has this meant for the main political players? Not surprisingly, @NarendraModi has reached 3.97 million followers growing his follower base by 28% percent since Jan 1. Not to be outdone, @ArvindKejriwal has raced to 1.79 million, an amazing 79% growth from the start of the year.

@AamAadmiParty has grown to 682K followers registering a 119% increase since the beginning of the year, a very active @BJP4India has reached 491K followers, growing at 70% and late entrant @INCIndia at 178K followers has grown at an incredible 376% starting with just 37,357 followers on Jan 1.