Things To Know When Buying Furniture For Digital Office

by CXOtoday News Desk    Dec 19, 2017


A good part of your day is spent at your work place, mostly sitting at the desk, it is important to select the right furniture that provides comfort, soothes your eyes and makes you feel happy. In other words, happy employees boost productivity and especially in today’s digital workspace that’s getting more connected yet complex with more gadget, connectivity equipment and tools, and also with limited physical space, choosing ergonomic and functional furniture is essential.

Here are some tips that will not only keep most health problems at bay but will also result in more functionality and productive work.

Furniture with sufficient room

It is important to always go in for the items with ample space. For example, equipment such as computers, laptops, telephones and so on, could be easily placed on the bigger desks which may look cluttered in smaller space. Tables or desks with adequate cabinets or drawers contribute much for space saving as well as help you stow your devices neatly. Therefore it is advisable to go for office furniture with sufficient storage, cupboard, space for computer and accessories such as CPU, printer, video camera, cell phone, mobile and freestanding filing to work comfortably and enhance work efficiency too.

Relaxation and comfort    

The office furniture must be such that the people using the same should feel relaxed and be encouraged to work with ease. Ergonomics play an important role in a digital office. A relaxed and comfortable infrastructure that increases employee productivity also benefits the company and boosts its financial worth. Poor posture can lead to eye strain, headaches, neck and backaches, and fatigue.  Hence, height-adjustable chairs with resting arms, relaxed backs and suitable height levels as well as keyboard trays, and monitors are essential for employees to help them prevent health problems.  

Color and design

Color and clutter can both significantly impact mood and accordingly help in boosting productivity. Bright color furniture such as yellow and orange can be stimulating in smaller office space, but in excess they can cause irritability to the eye and mind.  Likewise, a cluttered work surface can make every task seem more overwhelming than it is and lead to an overall lack of focus.  An organized workstation with plenty of storage and neatly stored tools at ones fingertips is the best way to encourage efficient work.

On the whole, light color shades boost the employees’ working moods while the dark ones may create a gloomy environment. Office furniture with lithographs, photographs, fabric art and sculptures are generally well accepted at workspaces and boost energy and workflow.   Adaptability is key   The office furniture must fit into any situation, so that if it becomes necessary to move the chairs or the tables to other places, it should be done. Hence office furniture, preferably with the underneath wheels is more advisable. Folding type of furniture would also be feasible for any purpose or event. Modular tables, conferencing options with multi-task flexibility and visual cabinets are the preferred choices for the digital office.  

On the whole, the investment made for the office should prove its value in terms of quality and price. It is equally important to buy all the furniture items from a reputed vendor like Urban Ladder who can assure quality of their products and offer the same with trusted after-sales service.

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