Three Big Data Trends Driving Telecom Sector

by CXOtoday News Desk    Jan 27, 2016

big data

Big data is transforming the telecom sector like several other industries. According to telecom evangelist and director of product marketing, big data and strategic innovations at Amdocs, Matt Roberts, the amount and quality of data collected in this sector and the need to turn this data into insights is just massive. He believes telecom operators can capitalize on big data to move up the value chain. 

Roberts highlights the key trends in big data and analytics (BDA) in 2016 for the telecom market, focusing on the areas that are gaining momentum:

1. Real-time

As competition intensifies to provide the best customer experience, service providers require real-time data to help provide the digital experience that today’s consumers demand. The customers want interactions that are more personalized, more contextual and more relevant. They want more social, mobile and online service and expect faster responses. This is where real-time or streaming analytics can help, by providing the most up-to-date information to the service provider, or even directly to the customer.  With the advent of new solutions such as Spark and other streaming analytics this is now possible, supporting service providers to provide value to solve a critical pain-point of customer experience –direct touch-point.

2. IoT (Internet of Things)

 The IoT is gaining momentum. Although many providers still struggle with finding the optimal strategy around IoT, it’s definitely becoming a reality. The nature of IoT – involving data feeds from large numbers of sensors of various types, each of which needs to be monitored and analyzed – presents  an inherent need for automation and analytics for extracting value out of the internet-of-everything.

3. Skilled resources

While the promise of big data and analytics is real, we still see that lack of skilled resources is a major obstacle for successful big data analytics implementations. Data scientists – particularly those with experience in telco data — continue to be in strong demand, as shown by the fact that data scientist salaries are the fastest-growing category IT operators today understand that analytics require intimate understanding of the telecom domain. While many data analysis algorithms are quite common, telecommunications data and business processes have their unique characteristics. As a result, a successful analytics implementation requires expertise in both data analysis and the specific business processes of telecom service providers.