Titan E-Store Now Has A Chatbot To Serve Customers Better

by CXOtoday News Desk    Jun 14, 2017


The Titan chat bot replicates the in-store conversational experience for customers and can answer queries phrased in natural language such as “show me men’s watches under 5000” or “show me gold earrings”. Instead of browsing through pages one-by-one, customers can now chat with the bot to explore the entire range and quickly discover relevant products based on their preferences. The users can also submit queries for orders, shipment, delivery etc. Based on a detailed study of its extensive history of customer communications, Titan identified the common intents that cover most user queries. The bot is designed to continuously learn and will keep getting more intelligent as it has more user conversations.

“Chat bots are redefining the shopping experience. Our intelligent chat bot, powered by Gupshup, has natural language conversational capabilities, which makes it very engaging and easy to use for our shoppers. Our chat bot is essentially an always-on, personalized shopping assistant instantly helping users find the right product from right within the mobile site or Facebook messenger,” said Alokedeep Singh, Head, E-commerce, Titan Company Limited.


“Chat bots are the future of e-commerce. Conversational commerce takes the shopping experience to a whole new level of convenience and engagement.” said Beerud Sheth, Co-founder and CEO, Gupshup. He added, “Titan is pioneering chat-based commerce by delivering personalized customer experience leading to more sales while also reducing support costs”

According to data by Forrester, nearly half the $12 billion in yearly online sales in India takes place through mobile phones, which is set to reach $51 billion by 2020. With smartphone users showing only a limited appetite for downloading and using apps, e-commerce companies across the globe are now using chat bots to enable shopping within popular chat platforms like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger, which have billions of users.

In March, Titan announced it was leveraging IBM Watson Customer Engagement and cloud-based solutions to increase annual sales from its 11 million loyalty customer base, while attracting new consumers to its line of products. 

The Bengaluru based company is now looking to achieve success while fending off new online competitors. With its partnership with IBM, Titan aims to energize its current customer base, who on average make 1.5 purchases a year, into regular buyers who buy three times as many items annually, whether through the browser, their mobile device or in a Titan store. It also aims to use IBM’s platforms to drive visitors to its brand websites as well as footfall into its 1500 retail stores and 10,000 multi-brand outlets located across India. In these store locations, sales associates will have mobile apps to provide them with details on each shopper (from past purchases to style preferences and more) so they can maintain highly-customized and personalized relationships. 

“The continued growth of e-commerce presents a tremendous opportunity for Titan to better meet the unique needs of our customers while tapping into vital new revenues for our business,” informed Kuruvilla Markose, Chief Digital Officer, Titan Company Limited.