India's Best Tech Companies To Work For In 2015

by CXOtoday News Desk    Jul 15, 2015


When it comes to choosing the ‘Best Workplace,’ some organizations simply stand out in the eyes of their employees. In India, the Best Companies to Work for in 2015 list has been prepared and presented by Great Place to Work Institute in association with ET. Undoubtedly, IT being a key industry sector, a number of technology majors such as also Google, Microsoft, SAP among others are mentioned in the list that consists over 700 organizations, across 20 industries that participated in the survey.


Delhi-based IT services company RMSI pipped Google India to become the country’s best company to work for in 2015, according to a study by Great Place to Work Institute.

The company, which specializes in sectors ranging from utilities, wireless telecommunications, and information management, agriculture & natural resources, and risk and insurance, trumped Google India, Intel Technologies and Marriott Hotels India, companies that ranked first, second and third in the best place to work rankings published by Great Place to Work Institute last year.RMSI, which has subsidiaries in the US, Canada and UK, employs nearly 850 people, while Google employs nearly double that number in India alone.


Internet giant Google is one of the top India’s Best Companies to Work for in 2015. ”We’re all about creating an environment that focuses on innovation, enables peak performance and inspires well-being,” says Rajan Anandan, vice president & managing director of Google, South East Asia & India.

At Google, an HR activity that translates into employee satisfaction is that they can play a role in managing how their careers are shaped. “Every employee takes ownership of their career. They manage their own career and are supported by their managers in the process,” says Jayashri Ramamurthy, head of people operations, engineering and products, Google India. This process helps employees feel a sense of empowerment to take critical decisions about what they want to do as a next step to build their career.

Google has also put its weight behind preventive health checkups for spouses of employees (unique to India) as well as educating employees against unconscious biases. The company is also working on making employees aware of the flexibility they can exercise at the work place, be it a work-from-home option or being able to take time off when required or even a part-time work option.

SAP Labs India

SAP Labs India that ranks 5 in the list has a distinct culture. The company is known for hiring every kind of talent and differently-abled people, too, remain a focus for the firm, which hires at least 6-8 autistic people bi-annually, and provides special training to leverage their strengths. They are then placed in roles of testing, and as support staff.

“We pride ourselves on our lack of hierarchy and the absence of a ’sir-ma’am’ culture, and give our employees space and freedom,” says Dilipkumar Khandelwal, managing director at SAP Labs India.

 The company helps employees with  speed mentoring — designed to help workers get solutions to different issues.

 It encourage a strong work-life balance . and a childcare system available inside the premises, for children aged between 6 months and 6 years. There are 33 interest groups across the company - ranging from topics on literature to photography 

 Intuit India

Intuit India at number 7 has driven many initiatives towards better diversity practices. “Our workforce needs to reflect society at large,” says Vijay Anand, vice president, India Development Center.

Also, at Intuit, diversity isn’t only about gender. LGBT issues are at the forefront, with the company initiating dialogue through the Pride Network, launched in October last year.

Employees are encouraged to innovate on new projects outside their own, as part of “unstructured time” or about 10% of their working hours. These solutions can be turned into products during innovation jams and incubation weeks, and later tested on customers.

Pitney Bowes Software India 

Another best companies to work for in India is Pitney Bowes. What makes it to the list is the company’s Player Program, which comprises a group of high-performing employees entrusted with recommending outstanding candidates.  The top 10% high performers are a part of this program.

The company also organizes regular sessions by experts from reputed hospitals to share advice and counsel on healthy living for employees. Pitney Bowes Software India has a headcount of 547, while the gender ratio at the company stands at 1:4.26.

Microsoft India 

Globally too, one of the best places to work, in India Microsoft ranks at No. 20 where employees stated As Appropriate (AA) interview is a critical part of the Microsoft selection process.

The AA interviewer is a person who is highly qualified to make hiring recommendations regarding a candidate’s long-term capability because of his or her experience and background in making hires for Microsoft. The company’s employee headcount in India stands at 6,931 and gender ratio is 1:4.25

Adobe Systems India

At Adobe Systems, the employee resource center was relaunched in the company this year as a ‘You Expert on People Matters’. This model ensures a preliminary first level response within 24 hours of registering a concern.

The idea is to ensure a consistent employee experience irrespective of the region and culture. The company’s employee headcount in India stands at 3133, with a gender ratio of 1:3.97.

NetApp India 

A regular on both India’s Best Companies to Work for list NetApp ranks at No. 22. The data management and cloud solutions company has a ‘Say Yes’ programme where recruits from universities are sent sporadic gifts like care packs and a water bottle full of candy once they accept the offer. This helps ensure they don’t change their mind in the interim period and remain excited about joining the company.

NetApp’s culture not only defines the ‘NetApp way’ of doing business but also shapes the ethos of the organization. It encourages every employee to push boundaries and take on new challenges. As a result, brilliant ideas and fresh perspectives are continually ‘released’ into the work environment, says an employee.

Vodafone India 

Telecom giant Vodafone ranks at No. 26 on the list. As for how it makes the cut: Angel Stores, which are 15 new all women retail stores, launched to promote diversity and inclusion.

These stores were also found to have greater customer satisfaction, higher productivity and better performance on other parameters. The company’s employee headcount in India stands at 12,321, with a gender ratio of 1:3.97.

Intel Security (McAfee Sales India)

At number 33 on the list is software and security company McAfee Sales India. The first step in preparing their field sales employees to support the Intel Security sales organisation is their participation in Intel Security StarTraC, a multi-week new-hire induction program held in Sydney, Australia, said the survey.

Jagdish Mahapatra, ‎Managing Director for India and SAARC at Intel Security, formerly McAfee said, “Ours is a workplace environment where fresh thinking and originality are encouraged. We personify the dynamic nature of the IT industry – we are agile, passionate and performance driven. We are relentless in our pursuit of success, and we bring the best out of our people by taking them on a journey of regular, consistent and open communication, underpinned by a strong set of cultural values.”


“The company is in the unique position of having the scale to offer career opportunities on a global basis, yet is small enough to care about its employees’ individual ambitions. This combined with industry best practices as well as an open corporate culture make it an organization that is all about empowering its people”, he said.