Top 6 CXO Trends Companies Should Know In 2017

by CXOtoday News Desk    Jan 16, 2017

Digital Transformation

The year 2017 will be an action packed year for CXOs as a lot of technological disruptions will define the IT roadmap of enterprises this year. While technologies like IoT, AR, Machine Learning, Big Data will become mainstream, Cloud will continue to be the top boardroom agenda for C Suite executives. Cyber security and access control will have a significant impact on the spending of organizations and collaborative work approach will continue to define the new business culture in the industry. 

Here are the top six CXO trends to watch in 2017.

# Cyber Security To Take Center Stage 

In the wake of rising high profile data breaches incidents, C- suite members will be held more accountable for companies, data security and access management practices. Hence, CIOs and CISOs will need to shift their focus from safeguarding endpoint devices toward protecting users and information across all applications and services in 2017. 

“We’ll continue to see a shift toward the modern workplace as businesses allow employees to introduce new technologies such as wearables, virtual reality and IoT connected devices onto the network while supporting a rapidly dispersed workforce made possible by cloud applications and solutions,” said Tarun Kaura, director - Solutions Product Management, APJ, Symantec. 

Analysts say that in 2017 C suite executives will be seen adopting collaborative business approach to fight the cyber crime menace. The year 2016 marked some of the crucial tie ups between security companies and the law enforcement firms. The trend will continue in 2017. 

# BI Will Be Key Thrust Area 

As the market will demand platforms that help data custodians govern and secure big data, big data intelligence will become one of the key thrust areas for CXOs in 2017.  Experts say IT leaders will rely on emerging technologies like machine learning, automation, and predictive analytics to bring maximum value out of huge amount of unstructured data. 

“Analytics works best when it’s a natural part of people’s workflow. In 2017, analytics will become pervasive and the market will expect analytics to enrich every business process. This will often put analytics into the hands of people who’ve never consumed data, like store clerks, call-center workers, and truck drivers”, said Deepak Ghodke, Country Manager, India, Tableau. 

# AI, Machine Learning To See Mass Adoption 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning already underway and is expected to play a much more prominent role — both in society and at work in 2017. Industry experts say CXOs will more incline towards integrating AI and machine learning into their products and development processes. A surge in artificial intelligence and machine learning adoption, will accelerate as companies begin to understand how they can automate low-value tasks and free up employees for more high-value creative tasks. 

# IoT To Become Mainstream 

The IoT and integrated technologies are impacting our world in ways we hadn’t thought of. In 2017, the Internet of Things will continue to accelerate a future that exceeds consumers’ new digital expectations. 

“With the power of personalization, automation and machine learning, consumers are increasingly expecting real-time responsiveness as well as the anticipation of their needs. No matter what the industry, from automotive and healthcare, to energy and financial services, there will be an IoT application for every type and line of business”, said  Scott Sorokin, Global Head of Infosys Digital.

# Enterprises Will Adopt AR And VR

Virtual and Augmented Reality are no longer a buzz words in the enterprise domain. The technologies will see rapid adoption given what we all learned from the recent Pokémon Go phenomenon in 2017. With tech majors such as Apple, Microsoft, Facebook etc. putting huge resources in building their AR and VR business arms, enterprises will also see a massive adoption of the technologies in the business processes. In 2017, C level executives, specially in the field of retail, health care etc. will be seen brainstorming on how they can utilize the power of AR and VR in making the consumer experience better. 

# Women CXOs To Take Major Role 

In 2017, women CXOs will be seen taking bigger role in the board rooms and influencing the decisions related to technology deployments. As more tech companies increase the transparency around the diversity of their employee base, the war to attract women to join tech company boards will further intensify in 2017. Similarly, proactive measures from companies in form of intensives, special facilities and development programs will encourage women executives to ensure their long term commitment in the organizations.