Top Digital Marketing Trends For 2017

by Moumita Deb Choudhury    Dec 22, 2016

The new age organizations cannot even think of optimally promoting and selling their products and services without digital marketing. Large, medium and small enterprises have seen a lot of traction with this mode of marketing in 2016 and the trend will very well be continued in 2017 too.

Top Digital Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2017


Here are some of the top Digital Marketing trends to watch out for in the next one year and beyond.

Trend 1: Quality Content Reign Supreme

Content is supreme in digital marketing or actually any kind of marketing. This will be the top trend in 2017. The involvement of seasoned writers and video producers will produce enriched content which will make content marketing more competitive.

Creating content which can tick immediately with consumers in our fast lives is the key.

Trend 2: Social Media is indomitable

Reach and ability to engage audience has made social media a sought after digital marketing tool.   Even though people demand social media as a channel for more mediated experiences, in 2017 social media will not only increase traffic for the vendors, but will alsoprovide opportunities to improve conversion rates.

Trend 3: Mobility devices and mobile apps will increase

Mobility devices being next to skin, more strategy will be built around this.

Vendors will focus on further waning the difference between PCs and phones. Constructing brilliant mobile UX and seamless experience across devices will be the key trick, which will help more mobile driven customers to convert without switching to desktop.

More transactions happen on mobile apps than on sites. According to Google Analytics data, 30% of all online shopping happens on mobile devices and mobile searches related to shopping jumped by 120% in 2015. Apps are more customized for mobile interfaces than sites which makes apps more preferred option for the users.

Mobile marketing SEO techniques will be particularly important in 2017 with Google’s recent announcements of the mobile index and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

Mobile optimization will be a top priority for digital marketers in 2017.

Trend 4: Rise of wearable technology and smart devices

Many fitness bands, smart watches and other wearables are established in the market. With all signs signaling towards wearable technology as the next big thing, the year 2017 will see upsurge of wearable devices. This will create new opportunities for digital marketing, including smarter, more vigorous customer data collection, and stronger insights into user interaction diminishing the line between “online” marketing and “real” marketing.

Trend 5: Internet of Things (IoT) will spur

A report, generated by BI Intelligence, bases its analysis on the fact that by 2018, at least half of the world’s population would be connected via the Internet. It has suggested that by the year 2020, each human being on earth will have as many as four devices that connected via the Internet. In other words, the total number of such devices could exceed 34 billion for an estimated population of over eight billion inhabiting this planet.

IoT is a crucial digital marketing tool as it generates a lot of precise high quality data. It also records transaction details and customer preferences. It clearly shows that in 2017 it will be instrumental in online marketing.

Trend 6: Personalized video ads will find its way

Video ads are nothing new, merchants have been banking on some form of video content for some time now. By combining this trend with new tech like shoppable video and personalized video, vendors will drive even more growth in the year ahead.

These trends indicate that merchants cannot do away with digital marketing at any cost and with time it will rise in value. The go-to-market strategies may be tweaked, but definitely it is here to stay for a long time.