Top Five IT Jobs In Demand This Year

by CXOtoday News Desk    Jan 06, 2014


In the midst of slow economic recovery where companies are investing only in certain pockets to attain some growth Global retained executive search firm CTPartners points out some of the hot executive jobs that are expected to be in demand throughout this year. According to the CTPartners report, several key factors will drive senior executive hiring in 2014. Big Data will only grow bigger, as organizations race to collect and monetize information to gain competitive advantage. Likewise, the adoption of cloud services also continues on a large scale, enabling access to data, changing how we interact with mobile devices. Cybersecurity remains a top priority in the wake of several scandals in the region. The jobs mentioned are based on the areas of investments.

No 1. Chief Digital Officer/Head of e-Commerce or m-commerce - Big data will drive the digital transformation in organizations, as businesses will look at the right skills to take their organization towards achieving agility and growth. The CTPartners report notes that transaction through multiple channels requires the creation of a digital experience that matches what customers experience in the real world. Moreover, with increased security advances in mobile devices and more sophisticated apps, executives who understand mobile user behaviour and needs will be in demand.

No 1. Chief Risk Officer/ Information Security Officer: in the ever-increasing digital world, protecting an organization’s digital assets is becoming an uphill task. Nevertheless it is a top priority for organizations and calls for candidates with sound knowledge and experience in cybersecurity, according to the report.

No 2. Data Scientist/Data Analytics officer - Packaging scientific data around human behavior and using analytics and customer data is now increasingly been seen as a competitive tool. Enhanced customer relationship management and the development of products and services based on predictive consumer behavior spending patterns call for advanced interpretation of complex data sets, says the report pointing out that this means data scientists and data analytics officers will be in demand.

No 3. Chief Creative Officer - With the rise of digital content and programming available through both traditional and non-traditional means, from cable TV to IP-driven videos and video on demand, the roles of creative officers are in great demand. The CTPartners report says in the next one year, these executives will find a place in the C-suite, as more companies will need the most creative boardroom member.

No 4. A digital boardroom – Boards will need leaders with the depth of experience, operational understanding, strategic business insights, and gravitas to provide strong leadership and influence on digital matters. Until now this has not been the priority for most organizations, says the report.

No 5. CIO 2015 – Businesses will need the CIO but according to CTPartners, the “CIO 2015″, is at the forefront of many trends associated with other hot jobs: data, mobile, digital and analytics. More candidates applying for CIO jobs will have to be ready to enhance visibility, migrate from back office to the boardroom and take on more responsibilities, says the report.

“It’s going to take significant leadership to give the business world confidence that the regulatory landscape will not deteriorate further, so if they will invest in their companies, expand product offerings and add to their employment levels, we expect to see CEOs and boards meet the challenge,” says Brian Sullivan, CEO, CTPartners.