Top IT Cos With Women-Friendly Policies

by Sohini Bagchi    May 05, 2015


Accenture – known for its women-friendly policies – has reportedly increased maternity-leave benefits for its women employees in India to 22 weeks of paid leave, up significantly from the current statutory requirement of 12 weeks.

Accenture’s support for parents also includes access to a variety of resources, such as discounted childcare services, interactive parenting workshops, employee assistance programs, and pre- and post-maternity counseling sessions, said a comp. In addition, employees can work with their supervisors and career counselors to explore flexible work arrangements, such as working from home, where possible. According to Parag Pande, Accenture’s HR lead for India and global lead for Learning and Talent Development Operations, “We want to help our female employees balance life and career choices, supporting them through the joys and challenges of parenting, as they continue to focus on their careers.”

While Accenture is trying its best to attract more capable women to their organization, there are some other global tech companies with a strong India presence that are implementing innovative policies and programs.

CA Technologies: IT major CA Technologies has a number of women-friendly policies – starting from mentoring and leadership programs, and activities for its women employees. The company has a well-equipped fitness center and offers exercise classes to encourage on site work-outs. It also offers health coaching and programs for a healthy lifestyle management for both men and women.

Pregnant women are enrolled in a healthy pregnancy program to gain full-time access to trained nurses, and even earn a handsome amount for participating. CA Technologies offer a fully paid maternity leave for 9 to 11 weeks, and has an on-site child care center which caters to kids from ages 6 months to 6 years. Summer and holiday care for kids under the age of 13 is also available. Adoptive parents get four weeks of fully paid leave, according to 2014 Working Mother 100 Best Companies.

 Cisco: IT Networking equipment giant Cisco Systems offers flexible work options to women (not as a right but a privilege) so it offers alternative work options such as working at home an average of two days per week. For mothers who are looking for reduced work hours, they can search for internal jobs marked as “part-time” and “job-share,” says the Cisco site. The company offers an average of six weeks fully paid maternity leave, four weeks of fully paid leave for adoptive parents, and backup child care.

Intel: Intel offers Awake@Intel, a mind program that teaches employees breathing and meditation techniques to be able to better focus their energy. Women can also take yoga and fitness classes at their in-house gyms and health coaching on-site and on the move. The chip major also offers pregnancy care programs, cost in annual fertility treatment coverage, an average of eight weeks fully paid maternity leave, and backup child care.

Hewlett-Packard offers a sponsorship program where women can get involved in mentoring initiatives and get an annual tuition aid. Women can also get help with matters such as finding child or elderly care services by contacting their employer’s concierge, resource and referral service or employee assistance program. Women get an average of 14 weeks fully paid maternity leave and an average of two weeks fully paid leave for adoptive parents. HP also offers backup and sick child care, said the report.

We would like to hear from more tech firms having women-friendly policies. Please send us your views.