TRAI moots nation-wide mobile number portability

by CXOtoday News Desk    Feb 21, 2013

Mobile phone
The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is mooting full Mobile Number Portability (MNP), which allows a subscriber to retain his mobile telephone number when the user moves from one access provider to another irrespective of the mobile technology or from one cellular mobile technology to another of the same access provider.

The National Telecom Policy-2012 (NTP-2012) envisages that the facility of MNP should be available nationwide, instead of limiting it within a service area, so that a subscriber is able to retain his mobile number even if he moves from one state to another, irrespective of the service provider and the technology.

However, implementation of full MNP would mean acceptance of porting request by the recipient operator from a mobile number that may belong to other service area also. Therefore, to implement full MNP, issues relating to processing of porting requests, routing, charging and testing need to be identified and addressed.

Presently the facility of MNP is restricted to the licensed service area (LSA) only. To facilitate the MNP, the basic business process framework of MNP was formulated by TRAI through the Telecommunication Mobile Number Portability Regulations, 2009 and the Telecommunication Mobile Number Portability Per Port Transaction Charge and Dipping Charge Regulations, 2009. To make the MNP process simple and affordable to consumer, TRAI had specified the porting Charge at a maximum of Rs. 19 and that the porting time of 7 working days, except in J&K, Assam & NE where it is 15 working days. Customers can move to another operator only after a period of 90 days.