TRAI's NGN Recommendations

by CXOtoday Staff    Mar 20, 2006

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has issued recommendations on matters pertaining to Next Generation Networks (NGN).

Technological advancements have resulted a trend leaning towards unification of networks and services, which in turn has led to predominantly IP-based NGNs.

These networks enable the service providers to provide a wide range of services like voice, data and video over the same platform. NGNs also enable Fixedmobile convergence and substitution resulting in reduced demand on mobile services spectrum.

TRAI’s recommendations are meant to highlight the need for converged/ unified licensing regime to enable NGNs to be utilized to their full capabilities and promotion of broadband in the country.

The recommendations are:

* Government should initiate the organization of some interactive workshops or seminars through its various agencies like TEC, CDOT, ALTTC etc. on different aspects of NGN to bring awareness among different stakeholders.

* TRAI’s recommendations for unified licensing regime should be considered to make best use of NGN platform by different operators to provide all types of telecom, data, video and broadcast services through a single license.

* Broadband Policy 2004 has a provision to review the performance of various operators regarding broadband services. For wider deployment of NGN services, increase in broadband penetration is a must. It is reiterated that unless various operators are able to deploy NGN in access to provide multiple services its full benefits cannot be made available to customers.

* Items for review include reconsideration of Local Loop unbundling which can expedite the uptake of broadband through existing copper loops by bringing in competition, de-licensing of spectrum in 5.1 to 5.3 GHz band for outdoor usage and also identification of some additional spectrum for Broadband access.

* TEC should be entrusted the task to study and analyze various international developments pertaining to NGN in a time bound manner so as to incorporate the same in Indian context and develop interface requirements for the same.

* A cross industry joint consultative group consisting of TEC, service providers, technical institutions, vendors etc. for analyzing NGN standards & their customization for national requirement should be set up.

TRAI has also decided to have a detailed consultation with stakeholders on the interconnection issues and QOS regulation for NGN. It has also decided to set up an expert committee named ‘NGN eCO’ involving experts from DOT, TEC, C-DOT, service providers, vendors and academia to deliberate upon the various migration and interconnection issues.