TRAI's Recommendations On IP Transition

by CXOtoday Staff    Jan 11, 2006

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has released recommendations on its transition from Internet Protocol version 4(Ipv4) to version 6(IPv6).

The draft recommendations have been issued to solicit the comments of stakeholders after receiving the same on consultation paper and completing open house discussions.

TRAI had earlier announced that this development is an effort to push forth the IPv6 deployments across the country to better the address space issues and improve QoS.

TRAI finalized its recommendations based on the responses received for forwarding it to the government.

The recommendations are:

* Regulatory issues: Definition of IP address mentioned in ISP licence needs to be amended to enable 128 bits to be used as needed for IPv6 based addressing, in place of 32 bits at present.
* Government encouragement: The usage of IPv6 in the platforms/applications pertaining to e-governance to be mandated, so that head start is taken for IPv6 deployments. Govt. should also mandate IPv6 compatibility in its own procurement of IT systems and networks. Workshops and seminars to bring awareness about IPv6 and its benefits for service providers and end-users community should be conducted through Govt. agencies.
* Creation of Internet Registry: Establishment of National Internet Registry (NIR) in the country, within the framework of APNIC, the Regional Internet Registry, utilizing the existing setup of National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI).
* IPV6 test Bed: Enlargement of the existing IPv6 test bed of ERNET to make it countrywide and accessible to all interested parties. Upgradation of NIXI as a national testbed for IPv6 & interconnection among its various nodes to provide access to all ISPs.
* Encouragement to TEC, CDOT, and CDAC to set up the IPv6 testbeds through Govt.’s funding.