Trends and Updates in the Enterprise Storage

by Prabhu Ram    Jul 05, 2009

Q1) How is growth in the enterprises storage market? Which storage technology in now becoming largely adapted?

Despite a slowdown in IT hardware purchases, storage in India shows good growth. The storage market in India is expected to grow as organizations would be compelled to invest in better management of their storage infrastructure to accrue more business benefits. The market still has solid growth potential over a 5 year forecast period.

The Solid State Storage technology is being utilized fairly extensively on server blades for database log files and web caching. A lot of hardware vendors have announced Solid state storage technology based hard drives laptops and servers. Lower power consumption, ultra high performance and improved environmental balance are the key features that make this technology attractive. The SSD technology is faced with the challenge of cost premium but going forward this cost premium is expected to decreases as volumes rise. 

Q2)  Are enterprises adopting virtualization technology to arrest additional spend on storage. If not, what are the challenges they face in adapting new technologies like virtualization?  

Virtualization is currently at a nascent stage in the Indian market. Virtualization adoption in India, both on the server and the end point (desktop) side has been restricted largely to the IT intensive sectors, IT/ITES, telecom, and BFSI, apart from very large enterprises. Server virtualization has established itself in a big way but desktop virtualization is yet to make its mark. It ll take awhile before virtualization goes mainstream in the country. The upfront acquisition cost, security issues and direction in terms of actual implementation are some of the barriers that Indian companies face while adopting the virtualization technology.

Q3)  What are the latest trends in storage segment that is getting obsolete?

Any specific devices that will be getting obsolete are still unknown. It s the mainstream that products have better power efficiency, recover management, better ability to backup and high IOPS will survive in the long run. SSD is the best choice so far we can see on the storage market. Many IT companies are adopting SSD despite the fact that there is the room for improving its prices, and stability.  

Q4) How is enterprises storage companies battling influx of grey market products in storage?

To discourage participation in the grey market, manufacturers need to know with whom they are doing business when they establish an authorized distributor relationship. Establishing a qualifications process might be helpful in that regard. We at Kingston have adopted a series of awareness schemes and channel programs to tackle the menace of grey market. We operate only through recognized and respected distributors. Distributorship arrangements must be specific and protected by legal authority wherever possible to curb grey market. We intend to build a community of Kingston memory resellers who will work closely with distributors and share decisions about how products will be moved.

Q5) What are Kingston s immediate plans (target more of SMBs), business strategies to address India market?

We are focused on garnering higher volumes and improving market reach for our products. We have drawn plans to add more distribution partners, offering a wide range of DRAM modules, ValueRAM for mainstream, System Specific Memory for branded computers, and HyperX for extreme performance applications. We have drawn up a slew of marketing programs designed to educate end-users on the need for brand sensitivity during DRAM selection for systems, including laptops, PC, graphic workstations, gaming machines and servers. To increase end-user awareness and higher brand connect amongst potential buyers, particularly the SSD and DRAM product lines, we will roll out a series of road shows across key market segments through 2009. For flash product business, we plan to focus on enhancing retail visibility and availability across photography, mobile, gifts, stationary, laptop, consumer electronic stores, large malls & superstores.