Twitter chatter and its impact on TV

by CXOtoday News Desk    Aug 06, 2013


A recent study by Nelson has found a correlation between Twitter conversations and TV. The study proves the theory, that conversations on Twitter causes people to turn on the TV. The study examined the twitter chatter minute by minute Nielsen ratings of 221 episodes of prime time shows on major networks. However, despite there not being conclusive evidence before, Twitter messages were shown to be causing an increase in ratings 29 percent according to Mike Hess, an executive vice president at Nielsen and the senior researcher who participated in the study.


Another connections showed that ratings had a direct connection with tweets. Some genres benefited more than others. “Over all, this does validate that additional research around this influence is worth pursuing,” Mr. Hess said. The findings may give rise to skepticism since Nielson and Twitter are business partners. It however, gives hope to the various networks and marketing firms who have poured in money in social media.


A professor at the University of Rochester, Mitchell J. Lovett who has studied Twitter-television correlations has said that this study could be groundbreaking. Despite not having seen the exact methodology used by the Nielsen study, he said “It is hard to distinguish whether Twitter (or other social media) activity simply reflects existing interest (the person talks about the show because of an interest in watching or plans to watch) rather than causes it.”