UC Can Make IT investments Tangible to Bottom Line

by Prabhu Ram    Apr 02, 2009

Chronically, organizations in India have isolated IT department only as a liability through necessity. However, in the current economic scenario, IT can possibly be the only differentiator; and technologies such as UC will help pool company’s existing IT deployments, resources, and creativity of its employee.   

Talking to CXOtoday, Minhaj Zia, national sales manager, (unified communication) at Cisco, India & SAARC, said, Unified Communication as a platform  will bring the reclusive IT operations into limelight. UC will improve usability of existing applications, create healthy collaborative experiences (intra- and inter-department); truly showcasing the benefits of IT at employee level.

In the current scenario, the market is the controller. Companies are now working hard to reduce their time to market. And, time to market can be minimized only when the organization has well-founded collaborating network, which includes its employees, vendors, logistics suppliers, consultants, etc, said Zia.

Thus for organizations to quickly capitalize on the market’s demand, reduce its TTM, and to improve productivity, UC will prove to be the backbone — technology now taking a front seat in organizations and as IT results become visible and predominantly tangible, he said.

When asked why IT has been looked solely as cost center and not as an organization s operational enhancer, he said that Indian organizations by and large have no metrics to map IT investments. In matured markets such as the USA, IT-metrics are carefully studied on how the IT investment can benefit other departments and employees, which is lacking back home. Lack of this (IT-metric) exercise at very granular level keeps CFOs looking at IT investment as more of a liability rather than the key enabler for revenue and innovation generator.

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