UCM Boon For Indian Enterprises: Nortel

by Sunil Kumar    Mar 28, 2007

Growth in UCM internationally will also reflect in India and the Indian enterprise. UCM has a bright future in India, opines Nortel.

Philip Goldie, Product Marketing Manager, Security & Mobility Solutions, Asia Pacific Nortel, informs, “The sheer diversity of Indian enterprises is interesting. To tackle the Indian enterprise, Nortel has strengthened its relationship with Microsoft. The sales teams are working together to bring out products for Indian companies.”

“People are used to Microsoft applications on their desktop and increasing utility value is what we are looking at from unified communications. We will be working with IBM primarily in the SMB space and bring offerings for the telecom vertical. The infrastructure currently in place in India does not make economic sense for Nortel to invest in,” adds Goldie.

Sukhwinder Ahuja, Business Lead, Microsoft, Nortel, says, “UCM can be used in a manufacturing or logistics setup or wherever there is a critical need in any organization to reduce excess time and increase office productivity. Getting applications on a collaborative level reduces time and effort spent.”

Elaborating on challenges in the future, Goldie says, “Another challenge that we face in the future would be migration from traditional TDM/ analog phones to Unified Communications/IP telephony. Considering some of the mammoth organizations India has, UCM is both a huge prospect and a challenge.”

Nortel adds that key growth verticals over the years include healthcare, financial services, BPOs, PSUs and R&D organizations. The ability to have skillsets to deploy such solutions is going to be critical in the future. Goldie informs that India is poised to be one of the leading adopters of UCM in the APAC region considering scale, diversity and size of the Indian enterprise.

With a spate of announcements recently with multiple vendors collaborating for UCM, the UCM space will grow even further and enterprises will increasingly adopt UCM. Nortel refused to put any size on the UCM market in India since it is in a nascent stage.