Unique Open Source ERP Enters Codeless Future

by Julia Fernandes    Apr 07, 2004

Parle Tablet Tools Pvt. Ltd - a Mumbai based pharma engineering company that manufactures tablet tools and dies for pharmaceutical companies - has deployed ERPWEB, a unique Open Source, web-based low-cost ERP.

Developed by ASIC Infotech Pvt Ltd., ERPWEB is an Open Source, customizable web-based ERP III (according to Gartner definition), built with the aid of SoftRobot Codeless Technology, a zero code technology also innovated by ASIC.

Akshay Shah, manager-business development / support, ASIC Infotech, said, “ERPWEB is an open source, codeless ERP, on the lines of a do-it-yourself kind, where customers can themselves customize and implement it too. In fact, even an average programmer with knowledge of ASP, SQL Server and some training on SoftRobot can customize the solution.”

Speaking to CXOtoday, Shailesh Prajapati, manager IT and Finance, Parle, said, “Deployed at our factory, the centralized solution was implemented across all our functions right from manufacturing and marketing, to finance and HR.”

“It took us around 9-12 months to deploy. Due to its codeless nature the solution has been customized by almost 60%,” added Prajapati.

Elaborating the benefits, Prajapati said, “ERPWEB is an integrated database with a one time entry, offering considerable reduction in workload, with no client-side installation. In addition to being platform and device independent, all it needs is a browser to work. The option of Open Source gives us the right to even modify the source if needed. The multi-lingual solution is built-in with BPR and 6 Sigma, although we haven’t yet implemented it.”

“TCO has been around Rs 12 Lakh which we hope to recover in two financial years,” disclosed Prajapati.

“We did consider Wings and Cyberdex and some other customized applications, but chose ERPWEB due to its uniqueness,” revealed Prajapati.

The solution is deployed on their IBM P4 server with 512MB Ram, with the database being MS SQL Server 2000.

On the server platform, the solution can work with a minimum PIII PC with 512 MB RAM, 20 GB Hard disk, 100Mbps Ethernet card. The software options are either a Windows XP/2000/.Net Server O.S with IIS + MS SQL Server 2000 Database or : Linux or Sun Solaris Unix with Apache + ChiliSoft ASP Plugin + Oracle9i.

Though the company is currently using it within their premises, the solution could also be used as a hosted application, as it works on IIS Server. Explains Shah, “We have also launched it as an ASP model, but since Internet infrastructure in India is way behind global benchmarks, ASP is not a viable option; maybe after a year it will be a feasible option. So as of now customers themselves host ERPWEB at a server in their own premises.”

According to Shah, “Gartner predicts Codeless Programming tools in the market only by 2013, but we’re already here - Oracle too is trying to innovate a tool on similar lines.”

The company provides full AMC support during and after implementation throughout the life of the software with free upgrades.

The solution is targeted at three segments: SSIs (Small Scale Industries), SMIs (Small and Medium Scale Industries) and LSI (Large Scale Industries) though its current focus I SSIs and SMIs.

According to Shah, “The entire brain behind this solution is of our CEO and MD - Ashish Shah, located at our Baroda Development Center. While implementing our first installation at Globetronics Bhd - Malaysia (sub-contractors for Intel, Malaysia and manufacturers of Intel chipsets and CPUs), we required a staff of around 40 people that took us nine months to deploy a few modules and make them functional. Plus since it was totally in ASP and SQL, we had to deploy people to keep on writing codes and make changes. Being an integrated application, one program did not suit the other and hence constant reworks, pressures and blame games was a daily picture at Globetronics.”

“It was then that SoftRobot was born, in simple terms a software robot - preparing applications in seconds without any manual coding being involved. We are gearing to fight branded players like SAP, Oracle and PeopleSoft. We plan to take them head over heels by 2005,” asserted an excited Shah.

For more details visit ERPWEB’s website.