Unison Launches New Virtual UC Solution for SMBs

by CXOtoday Staff    Feb 03, 2009

Unison Unified Communications has launched a fully-unified communications solution that can deploy e-mail and telephony instantly on a virtual server. With the launch of Unison for Parallels Virtuozzo Containers, the OS-level virtualization solution, any SMB or hosting provider can move immediately to unified communications.

By running Unison in a virtual environment, companies can consolidate both Unison and other servers onto the same physical server, reducing the need to buy expensive hardware. As Parallels Virtuozzo Containers sits on the OS level, users can run 3x as many virtual servers on the same physical hardware as with alternative virtualization approaches, further decreasing the amount of hardware needed.

It’s a complete replacement for both PBX systems and legacy e-mail and groupware servers. Instead of buying a standalone server for e-mail and calendars - such as Microsoft Exchange - and a separate telephone system such as a Cisco PBX, companies can now simply deploy Unison, which integrates e-mail, instant messaging, telephony, voicemail and real-time presence (free/busy status).

The company claims that the resulting savings add to the software savings of the free sponsor-supported edition of Unison, which can amount to $270,000 over three years versus an equivalent Microsoft solution.

"Unified communications and virtualization are two of the biggest trends in IT. By offering Unison running on Parallels Virtuozzo Containers, we are allowing small and midsized companies to deploy unified communications rapidly, with a low cost of ownership," said Michael Choupak, CEO of Unison Technologies.