Unisys extends server suite

by CXOtoday News Desk    Mar 20, 2013


Unisys Corporation today expanded the mission-critical computing solutions for its ClearPath Dorado servers with a new release of the flagship OS 2200 operating environment and availability of the ClearPath Dorado 4200 server.

ClearPath OS 2200 Release 14.0 helps clients to modernize their application environments with mobility-support and open-source development capabilities, automate their data centers and security. Newly implemented support for enterprise clustering technology enhances system availability and horizontal scalability for the mid-range Dorado 4200. That level of mission-critical technology is typically found only on high-end systems.

“Unisys continues to embellish the powerful ClearPath Dorado systems - and all members of the ClearPath family - with capabilities that enable our clients to address the full range of contemporary computing challenges they face,” said Bill Maclean , vice president, ClearPath portfolio management, Unisys. “Our goal is to help ClearPath Dorado clients transform and modernize their data centers cost-efficiently while continuing to benefit from the long-term investments they’ve made in mission-critical ClearPath systems and applications.”

Like all ClearPath operating environments, OS 2200 Release 14.0 comprises a stack of software products – more than 111 – integrated and tested as a unit. This integration enables clients to migrate applications transparently from one release to another, with no need to change operating procedures or to recompile. ClearPath clients expressly suggested 67 of the 146 feature updates in the new release.

The suite delivers significant benefits in three areas:

Application Modernization. The new release includes the ClearPath ePortal for OS 2200 specialty partition – a processing component that enables users to quickly Web-enable enterprise applications without changing the applications themselves. This capability enables integration of Apple, Microsoft Windows 8, Android and BlackBerry mobile devices so that mobile users can access ClearPath applications through familiar interfaces. The new release also supports the latest versions of Java 5, 6 and 7 so developers can either stay with a preferred version of Java or move applications to a new one. Also, OS 2200 Release 14.0 includes new features for the Eclipse integrated development environment, making it easier to speed up and automate development of applications in a service-oriented architecture (SOA).

Data Center Transformation. The key enhancements are designed to help clients reduce operating expenses and improve service through increased automation and higher levels of solution availability. For example, a new release of Unisys Operations Sentinel – which enables automated, unified management of heterogeneous systems in a data center – includes a simplified Web interface that allows system administrators to use a tablet to view the status of all managed devices.

Security. New capabilities in OS 2200 Release 14.0 build on the security the OS 2200 environment delivers. The new release supports Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol Version 1.2, for better security in Internet communications. The protocol helps organizations defend against data loss. Dynamic updating of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)/TLS certificates provides greater uptime and easier security administration. The new release includes additional encryption capabilities and protection against unprivileged users, and also provides cpFTP, a ClearPath File Transfer Protocol function that enables mandatory encryption of all file transfers.

The Dorado 4200 systems, which are based on Intel Xeon Family processors, can participate in multi-host clusters with other Intel processor-based Dorado systems or with Dorado systems based on Unisys-developed processor technology. Whether in a heterogeneous or homogenous processor environment, the XPC-L3 complex gives the ClearPath Dorado 4200 an enriched level of availability, efficiency and integrity in high-performance transaction processing that few other mid-range systems can attain.