Upasana Engineering Opts for SAP B1

by Praveen Kurup    Dec 14, 2006

Upasana Engineering, the auto ancillary manufacturer, has signed up a contract with TVS Infotech to implement SAP B1.

The implementation will span across its head office and 4 manufacturing plants located in Chennai. The company also plans to extend the ERP system to its upcoming Housur plant near Bangalore.

“It is a plain vanilla implementation and would initially include all B1 standard modules followed by add-on modules in phases,” said Mr. Hanumantha Rao, AVP, TVS Infotech. “The implementation will be completed in 12 weeks. TVS Infotech would also be acting as consultants for the project thereby taking care of all hardware sizing and connectivity details.”

Upasana has been using IT systems since 1990. Earlier systems were based on DBase and Foxbase. Around 2003, they decided to integrate all their systems. To this effect, they developed an Integrated Enterprise System (IES) using Oracle as the backend database.

“However, IES did not provide integration in the true sense since a lot of systems still functioned independently,” informs Mr. P. Sunder Rajan, GM, Upasana Engineering. “Not satisfied with the functionality provided by IES, we then moved onto another solution developed by another Chennai-based company called Autolac.”

This system necessitated a migration from Oracle to MS SQL Server.

“However, we still faced significant problems, some of them related to advanced accounting and monthly operating resource planning. And hence, we have now decided to move to SAP B1,” added Mr. Rajan.

The new SAP B1 system would still be using MS SQL Server as the back end.

Financial details of the implementation have not yet been disclosed.